Halloween Town: Witch Hill

I love decorating for the holidays.  I always have.  Every year, I put up several villages atop one of our bookcases.  One of those villages is a “Halloween Town” that I started several years ago and add to every single year.  

This year, while putting out the village, I thought “Why not tell the stories of the little figurines that live there.”  So that’s what I am going to do this month as a writing exercise on top of my other writing adventures.

Here is the first installment.  Enjoy!

Halloween Town in its entirety…. Photo taken by K. S. Wood, October 2021

“Witch Hill” – Photo taken by K. S. Wood, October 2021

It was the first of October, and the witches of Halloween Town were in full frenzy, getting ready for their season.  They lived for Halloween! Since they were the ONLY living inhabitants of the town, they lived up on the high hill, dubbed Witch Hill,  where some of the ghouls dared not tread, for it was hallowed ground for the witches.

“Trying on the hats” – Photo taken by K. S. Wood, October 2021

Beatrix and Lenora were trying on some new hats that they got from the milliner’s.  Even though they had to venture into the “normal” town nearby to get their clothing, they didn’t mind.  It was, after all, only once a year.  And the milliner there was a bit of a goth himself, so he didn’t mind helping out the witches with their hats like the seamstresses did their clothing.

“It looks so elegant!” Beatrix cried as she tugged on her new black hat.  “It brings out the bags under my eyes just perfectly.  That Monroe really knows his stuff!”

“Indeed!” Lenora stated as she looked in the mirror.  She smiled at the orange hat on her head.  She had splurged, getting two new hats instead of just one.  She was deciding which one she would wear on All Hallow’s Eve.  

“I just can’t decide!” she exclaimed.

Lucille mewed from below.  She had a new hat too.  She was annoyed that the two above her wouldn’t share the mirror.

“If I could just PLEASE have a look, Nora and Bea.  You know I haven’t had any hands since the witches council banished me into this form!”

“Well,” Lenora said as she primped her hair.  “You shouldn’t have tried to curse the Skeleton King then, Luci!”

“Gazing into the crystal ball” – Photo taken by K. S. Wood, October 2021

Luci sighed as she glanced over at Mellie, who was gazing into her crystal ball in the center of the yard.  The witch was muttering about having lost her child again. Dawn had been lost for years, but Mellie still longed to gaze upon her in her crystal ball. She lamented she couldn’t see her once more.

“Mellie’s gone batty again,” Luci whispered to the other two.

Lenora just sighed as she glanced at the other witch. She knew her pain quite well. She grabbed the mirror and tried her hat a different angle, ignoring Luci completely.

Beatrix knew Luci liked to gossip and was tired of it. After all, it was one of the reasons why she tried to curse the Skeleton King in the first place. The cat just didn’t learn her lesson. So Beatrix decided to chide her.

“Leave her be,” she snapped.  “You know very well we all come with some sort of baggage here on Witch Hill.”

“Fixing the skeleton’s head” – Photo taken by K. S. Wood, October 2021

Pemberton laughed as he watched the witches.  He was fixing one of the skulls of the skeletons, reading through his books of spells as the other books lay next to him.  He merely shook his head.

“If they think Mellie is batty, I wonder what they think of Agatha,” he said quietly to himself as he cast a spell to reattach the teeth that Eustace’s skull had lost.  

He glanced over to watch Agatha fly through the air on her broom, cackling happily as she flew over rooftops.  She dipped and made loops.  Pemberton smiled as he watched her.

“Agatha flies” – Photo taken by K. S. Wood, October 2021

Agatha had been cast by a spell long ago that left her without the ability to control her impulses.  It was an errant spell, meant to help quell the zombies too, which made the accident even more tragic.

Luckily to the rest of the witches on Witch Hill, she just flew around day in and day out on her broom, though there were some close calls.  Even though most ghouls stayed off the hill, there were a few ghosts who shared Pemberton’s home and they often had to watch out for Agatha when they took to the skies, for she ran into them frequently. 

“Watch out!” she cried as she zoomed just over Beatrix, Lenora and Lucille, who ducked and muttered about how crazy she was.

But Agatha was harmless, unlike the zombies that threatened to take over Halloween Town.  

But that’s a chapter for another day.

Slime River and the Haunted Forest is the next chapter.

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8 thoughts on “Halloween Town: Witch Hill

  1. A really fun read. A very enjoyable flight of fancy, beautifully written.
    Kudos to the author, whose imagination is delightful.


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