About me

K. S. Wood


I have been telling stories since I was able to talk. As a result, I almost always have a story in my head. I call them “the voices” for there’s always a story brewing, clamoring to get out.

I have been writing stories ever since I was able to print my own name. Many my first stories were written in crayon on scrap paper, just scribbles really. My mother, who encouraged me to write, also encouraged me to tell her the stories I wrote, for which I will always be grateful.

I was born in North Carolina as the eldest child of three born to a USMC officer father and a swim coach mother. I spent a good portion of my life moving from place to place. In high school, I first decided I wanted to write, even though I also decided I had a love of history that ran deep. Mythology has always been a favorite subject of mine, something I have a number of public school teachers to thank for introducing the subject to me.

In college, I was a secondary social science major but I also LOVED my English courses, especially the creative writing course I took for an advanced elective.

I have been happily married since 2007 to a wonderful man who also encourages my stories and my dreams. I live in central Iowa, what I call my little swath of the Midwest. It is here that I am the proud “mom” to two cats, a stepmother to a wonderful young man, and an aunt to a handful of nieces and nephews. I am the keeper of a number of houseplants too. I also have a very large family of both blood and choice that I call my own.

When I am not writing fiction, I can be found answering dumb questions on Twitter, getting into random arguments with strangers on Facebook, spending time in flights of fancy with the other half and enjoying stories written by others. Occasionally, I can also be found immersed in the pages of history, reading and writing true tales of various historical and genealogical figures. I say this because I have been researching my own genealogy since 1999 and have a blog devoted to that as well.

I also work a full time job in the customer service sector, which gives me the opportunity to earn a living while I hone my craft. After all, I keep telling others to #StayMagical and #WriteYourOwnStory, so I must do the same.

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