The Portals Series

Praise for the series:

“A Fantasy Series Unlike Any Other!” ~ JD, reader

“I think with each book I’ve read so far, Wood’s storytelling gets better, and I’m looking forward to reading them all.” ~ H. L. Bernabe, storyteller

“Will be looking forward to reading other books from this author.” ~ Amazon customer

“Fantasy books are great to take you to a world of magic and mystery and not in this world of troubles and trials. You are a blessing to this world with your writing, stay magical and keep writing.” ~ S. Ward, reader

The Portals Series focuses on the adventures of the Seekers of the Realm of Original Magic, the heirs of the Original Dynast of All He Surveys. It also is the stories of all of the magical beings they encounter in their travels. From the portal of Wisdom and its capital city of Delphian to Marihone, from Solana and the nameless realm to Kaos and Erebus and Skyam, Earth and even the Realm of Original Magic, come on a journey that will take you to where ancient magics were created and the realms that were populated alongside them.

Follow an adventure through the portals and hear the stories that have been written from those stories, collected by the Portal Seeker, Solilune of Delphian, and protected by the Keepers of Stories and the Dynasts of All They Survey. Journey to lands of demons and sprites, dragons and druids, sorcerers, elementals, spirituals and naturals and read for yourself the stories, for they are not yet done.

Note: The first three books in the series are in paperback format. The 12 novellas currently released were released September 2022 as two paperback anthologies titled: Stories from the Realms

The Portals Series is comprised of novels and novellas. Clicking a cover below will take you to the page that describes each work.

At the suggestion of one of my readers, I made the following trees (using Canva) – These are current through the novel Luna: