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The Portals Short Stories

Please note that these are available on Kindle and in paperback anthologies that can be found under “My Books.” Along with the two books of the anthology, there are also three novel length books in The Portals Series that are available as both paperback and Kindle e-books. Check them out!

The Novellas:

Silus of Delphian has spent his entire life trying to avoid being like his father, the Necromancer Erynnion. Instead, he focuses on the magic he inherited from his mother Phoebe. As he comes of age as the heir to the position of the Sybil, he feels he will never be ready for the position. Some see him as a usurper and a thief of magic. Can Silus prove his worth and withstand certain perils that threaten everything he holds dear? Can he show the realm of Delphian he is indeed the child of the sage?

Author’s Note: Please note this is a novella to be read after the first three books of the Portal Series. It does fall chronologically between Keeper of the Key and Last of His Kind, but has spoilers for all three books in it if you chose to read it first.

As the heir to the position of the Key Keeper, Lady Mopsa has been told since she was little she is destined to do great things. Yet, she is the only common-born in a family of magicals. She struggles to find her own way, much like her cousins Ayamus and Solilune. Pursuing her own knowledge, she works in the library of Delphian, learning all she can despite lacking any sage magic. When an old danger threatens the lives of her family and friends, Mopsa must summon her courage to find the wisdom within. Can she write her own story just as she collects those from others as the Keeper of Stories?
As an orphaned teenager in the nameless village in the Realm of Original Magic, Garrion has lived with the memories of his Ruffian father, who taught him that to show any weakness means to be less of a man. He has lived his life trying to be as brave and as strong as his father. But when he meets the Portal Seeker, his ideals as to what constitutes strength and courage are challenged, for while Solilune of Delphian is a very different kind of hero, he is equally accepted as part of the Ruffian pack. Soon Garrion finds himself facing a situation that will call for heroics of his own making. Can he find his own brand of strength and courage? Can he become a Ruffian?

Author’s Note: Please note this is a novella to be read after the first three books of the Portal Series. It can be read as a stand alone, but has some spoilers in it from the book Portal Seeker.

Even though he has the power to open portals, Xavier of the Realm of Original Magic had never been away from his own home. He deals with the repercussions of his mother’s failure to teach him the ways of portal seeking and his magical powers. But Solilune of Delphian has taken up the task of teaching Xavier and his sister Tetyana the Dynast to hone their powers, thus becoming more than just a distant cousin to the twins. When Xavier is given the chance to go to a realm of darkness, he must prove he is strong enough to face his first challenges as a seeker of magic, even if it means his death. He must also prove he trusts the Portal Seeker with every fiber of his being. Can he write his own story like Soli has done before? Can he prove he is truly worthy to be the Emissary of the Realm?

Author note: This can be read as a standalone, but does have a few spoilers from Portal Seeker in it.

Raised alone in the wilderness of the Realm of Solana, Albion has never given a thought to who he might be. He has been far to focused on surviving in a land overrun by shades of darkness. But after his father mysteriously vanishes and the magical protections that have shielded him since birth wear off, young Albion must find out who and what he is to survive. Will he be able to help unite the forces of light and the clans of the dragon-born to overcome the scourge that threatens his homeland? Will he discover that he may be more than just a mere halfling?

An ancient foe, a new beginning.

As a druid of the Mistress of Nature, Rhadamanthys has spent his entire life valiantly and futilely fighting against Evil, the usurper of magic. As his realm falls as a result of the his enemy, he prays for salvation. When he is rescued and transported to the Realm of Original Magic by Emissary Xavier, he does not realize he has helped unleash a powerful ancient foe into the first portal of magic. Will he help vanquish his sworn adversary or will he perish as the last druid?

As a grandchild of the High Magus Lasco and a child of the city of Delphian, Lady Ambarre Elphinstone has always been known as an impulsive hothead with a preference for the element of fire. Having spent most of her adult life in the Realm of Marihone, she was devoted to helping her husband and family reclaim the wizarding heritage that was lost during the tyranny of Governor Malchus. But when tragedy strikes and vengeance is needed, she abandons her life and her family to take up the reins of a vindicator. Can an old friend and long forgotten memories help her recover her life’s calling and bring her back to the ways of a Magister?

Author’s Note: This novella is a sequel in particular to the second book in the series, Last of His Kind, and has some spoilers from that book in it. It can be read as a standalone though.

As the youngest of the Sons of Lasco, Kyrbus the Magister was known as a reckless youth, even amongst those in his pack of shape-shifting wolves. When he tries to shed that image and become a respectable member of Delphian society, it costs him his image and his family. Living in the edges of the realm in the village of Pyra, he has had a second chance at living the life of his own choosing. But a curious enemy threatens to destroy everything he has worked hard to regain. With the help of his wolf pack, his old friends, and his family of choice, Kyrbus must brave one last adventure to find out if he truly is the Wolf of Pyra.
As one of the smallest creatures in the Realm of Original Magic, Briar of the Greenways Clan has grown up thinking she is one of the weakest as well. Haunted by the nightmares of the past, she remains stuck in the mindset that she is just a little creature given to flights of fancy. But when her little brother accidentally drags her along on one of the Portal Seeker’s adventures to a new realm full of magical unicorns and colorful beings, Briar must learn to face her fears and summon her own brand of magic. Can she truly realize that she is more than just a little sprite?
As the only survivor in his village, Morogh of Wayfare-By-The-Sea holds only one memory from his young life there. Adopted by guardsmen in the sage’s enclave at Delos, he is also claimed as a foster son to Master Ayamus. When loss comes to the Master’s family, Morogh travels to Delphian with Master Ayamus to be his guardsman. But events and a rift between Master Ayamus and the Portal Seeker threaten all that Morogh has ever known to be true. Will he be able help mend what has been broken? Will he discover all he truly is, or will he find out he truly is just a common-born?
Alexandra Proctor’s life changed the day the stories died with her mother, the last Keeper of Knowledge in Wythmere in the realm of Maon. Trained in the ways of the Noble Order of Protectors, she swore to put her old life behind her. But when the Portal Seeker accidentally stumbles across her path, she discovers an unlikely connection that rekindles her old memories, as well as emotions she has ignored for so long. As fate and events continue to draw the two of them together, Alex finds she must defend Solilune with all that she holds dear. Can she pick up the pieces of what was once her life and learn to be the Seeker’s Protector?
The realm of Ironwood has always been a dark and brutal place to live since the rule of Fenulf Vanguard began. Blessed with a long life and many children, the Vanguard seeks to subjugate all magic in his realm by controlling his heirs, though a prophecy written when Ironwood began worries him, for it warns of impending doom for the tyrant ruler.

Sigsten, the youngest of the Vanguard’s children and half Dryad, knows of the prophecy and the fear of his father. Nevertheless, he continues to plod through his life in the lowliest of positions a Vanguard heir could have, rejected by his maternal natural side for being half-darkness. But even as a goat herdsman, he knows one day his father will have to face the prophecy. When a mysterious stranger appears one day, struck by amnesia and utterly helpless, Sigsten knows he must protect the man from his father’s wrath. He doesn’t realize that in doing so, he will throw away everything he ever knew. Can he, who is born of tree and of iron, do what he was destined to do?

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