Child of the Sage

I figured that since I am currently offering the novella for free, I should probably share the story of how Child of the Sage came to be.

Silus of Delphian has spent his entire life trying to avoid being like his father, the Necromancer Erynnion. Instead, he focuses on the magic he inherited from his mother Phoebe. As he comes of age as the heir to the position of the Sybil, he feels he will never be ready for the position. Some see him as a usurper and a thief of magic. Can Silus prove his worth and withstand certain perils that threaten everything he holds dear? Can he show the realm of Delphian he is indeed the child of the sage?

After I finished writing Portal Seeker in the early summer of 2021, I thought I was done with my series. After all, I had three loose stories that went together and built off of each other. Three novels in nine years was an awesome accomplishment, one I was proud of.

But then…. “the voices” came loudly into my mind.

I call the stories I write “the voices” since most of them are written in first person points of view. I tell my other half I have another voice telling me a story when I am working on something. Just as I have my own story of life to write, I also write the stories of the characters that I create in my mind.

The novellas that followed the first three books were not written in sequential order (far from it!) The first voice I actually heard was Morogh’s from Common-Born. After I had written about the family turmoil Solilune had left behind when he became the Portal Seeker, I knew that I had explore it a bit more. Morogh from Wayfare-by-the-Sea came into my mind, a common-born guardsman who discovers that he has an uniqueness that allows him to assist the Portal Seeker. That story was written in less than a week.

But then…. Silus began to tell me his story. He began to tell me of how hard it was being Erynnion’s child when he desperately wanted to blend into his surroundings. I also heard of his friendship with Kyrbus, one that extends into The Wolf of Pyra and beyond, and of his love for a sage he thinks he could never had.

I had to write it.

If you’ve read The Keeper of the Key, some of the characters from the novel are still there, since this novel takes place just eight years later. The sages that assist in the battles, all of the children of Lasco, and of course Manda are all in it. But then there are some new characters as well.

Most of the names I created for the sages and magisters living in Delphian, Delos, Helios, and the rest of the Realm of Wisdom and Elements come from Greek mythology. Many were bards or seers or children of the gods. It was fun diving back into my Classical Greek dictionary, searching for names suitable for characters.

Thus began a series of stories that became a whirlwind. Almost as soon as I was done writing one story, another voice was yelling at me…. sometimes even more.

But for now, Silus’ tale is the only one I have available for free. It’s one of the magical, adventurous, and fantastical stories I have written. And it’s free…. but only until Sunday, 5 February 2023… and only on Kindle.

If you want to read it in paperback, it’s in my first anthology of Portals novellas. Click here to see that. While it is recommended to read this AFTER the first three in the series, I’ve been told by friends who read this one first that the small spoilers in the plot only made them want to read the others afterwards.

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5 thoughts on “Child of the Sage

  1. Thank you for sharing the ‘creation story’ and I LOVE how your voices speak to you. 💞 I’ve always said when an idea comes to me, it nags me until I get it down on paper (or screen) even if it isn’t completely fleshed out yet. I’ve read and thoroughly enjoyed the Keeper of the Key and have the rest of the series at the top of my list when I swing back to reading fantasy again.💞💞💞


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