Anthologies Now Available!

For those of my readers that have been paying attention, I had released 12 different novellas in my Portals Series as Kindle editions over the last year. Because of their size (as each was only between 50 and 90 pages long), it was not economically feasible to release them as paperback copies. Being mindful of […]

Greetings, my wonderful readers! If you missed my Instagram or Facebook announcements yesterday, I am also choosing to post here as well. If you follow my author Facebook and/or Instagram already, I apologize for the repetition of this exciting announcement on a third medium, but feel free to share this with all you know who […]

Not typical fantasy

I’ve had four people who have read my first book in the Portals Series (the one called The Keeper of the Key) tell me that while fantasy isn’t their usual genre, they have all liked my brand of fantasy. Three of them have read at least two of the books. I’m encouraging them to write […]