Last of His Kind

I get people who ask me where I come up with the ideas for my novels and stories in my Portals Series. Since I already wrote a blog post on The Keeper of the Key when I last offered it for free, I figured this time around, I would write about the next book in […]

Anthologies Now Available!

For those of my readers that have been paying attention, I had released 12 different novellas in my Portals Series as Kindle editions over the last year. Because of their size (as each was only between 50 and 90 pages long), it was not economically feasible to release them as paperback copies. Being mindful of […]


I have heard a great deal of writing advice over the years. The ones that seem to stick out the most in my mind though are the writing advices given to me by my teachers of so long ago. In middle school, I had a teacher who drummed it into my head that words like […]


My fiction is my own, but I can’t say that I am not inspired by a number of things I am inspired by the nature around me, As I watch a sunset or a sunrise, I try to think how it can be depicted in words that would convey the same picture that I see. […]