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The Portals Series

Note: These are the three novels in my Portals Series that are available as both paperback and Kindle e-books. The rest of the series are novellas, which are currently ONLY available as Kindle e-books. Check them out under “My Short Stories /Novellas.”

When her father dies under mysterious circumstances, Manda McKerlie inherits his family medallion and a series of unanswered questions about her past. She is drawn to the home of a mysterious young woman and her pack of wolves. This mysterious woman is Rhianna and the wolves are her brothers. They tell her the medallion is the key to their home world, Delphian, and the only way to destroy the evil Lord Erynnion. With Rhianna and the wolves’ help and the key to guide her, Manda embarks on a journey that will tear her own life apart, as she tries to save Delphian and destroy Erynnion for good, all while answering the questions of her past.
Robert Taylor Templeton III, known simply as Temp, is a wizard, descended from a long and illustrious line that once ruled his homeland.  However, in the Realm of Marihone, being a wizard is a disgrace, for magic has been overthrown and outlawed by the common-born under Governor Malchus. Temp is the last of his kind, and is reminded of it by a cursed home no common-born can enter and a life as an outcast.

But Marihone and the house both hold secrets, and with new allies and knowledge of his heritage, Temp seeks to reconcile both the past and the future.

As the sole heir to the magic of his long-dead grandfather Erynnion, Solilune of Delphian has been an outcast for as long as he can remember because of the memories of the destruction his grandfather caused. As a result, he chooses the life of a nomad, seeking portals in a way that is very different from the legacy from which he was created.

Even though they are the heirs to the Dynasty of the Realm of Original Magic, twins Tetyana and Xavier remain exiled for fear of what they could become. They languish in their banishment, cast there by their mother, who fears them like she fears no other, for they could become more powerful than even she is.

Bound by common ancestors and common magical powers, Solilune and the twins are thrown together in a race to find the answers and the magic that they seek. They also find that they must protect the realm from a darker force that seeks to destroy magic as they know it.