Greetings, my wonderful readers!

If you missed my Instagram or Facebook announcements yesterday, I am also choosing to post here as well. If you follow my author Facebook and/or Instagram already, I apologize for the repetition of this exciting announcement on a third medium, but feel free to share this with all you know who love to read.

For the FIRST time ever, to kick off the start of summer break here in my little swath of the Midwest, not one but TWO of my fantasy Portals Series are available to be downloaded FREE for Amazon Kindle or other compatible e-readers.

The Keeper of the Key is the first book of the Portals Series. It is the story of Manda McKerlie, who discovers after her father dies that the family medallion he gave her is the key to another realm and answers the questions of her past.

Child of the Sage is the first of the novellas released and technically the sequel to The Keeper of the Key. It is the story of Silas of Delphian, who must prove he is indeed worthy to be considered a sage like his mother when he is also the son of the Necromancer, who had nearly brought about the downfall of Delphian and the realm.

Both are only free until Tuesday, 31 May 2022 at 11:59 PM PDT, when they go BACK to full price.

Don’t miss your chance to begin the Portals Series for FREE!

Please note: The paperback version of Keeper of the Key is not included in this deal, but is available for purchase. There is also no paperback of Child of the Sage because it is a novella, although once all of the novellas are released I am combining them into a paperback anthology.

Get The Keeper of the Key

Get Child of the Sage

See the whole series –

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And as always, #writeyourownstory

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