Did you ever pause to think about what the word abide means? I know that I hadn’t, at least not until recently. I guess I had some innate understanding of the word, but I never reflected on it.

But then, as I was sitting in the back of the tiny church I attend this past Sunday, watching the light glitter off the fake rhinestones of my unicorn cameo pendant onto the off-white pages of the journal I was writing in, I thought of the words love abides. As the little sparkles danced as I wrote, I knew I had to learn more. And so, being the lover of learning that I am, I did.

There are four definitions to the word in the dictionary on Google:

  1. to accept or act in accordance with
  2. to be able to tolerate something
  3. to continue without fading or being lost
  4. to live or dwell within (conversely, remain or stay within)

The word is meant to be an active word. Abiding in something means to accept or tolerate something, to remain with something to the point where it will not fade or be lost. It means to live within the moments that make up all moments.

We abide by decisions made.

We abide by the laws made up for us.

We abide in fellowship with others.

We abide in the stories we write down on paper and in the stories we live within the days of our lives.

We abide in love and in joy and in hope and in peace.

We abide in the magic in the moments.

But we can’t abide in love if we are actively hating someone. We can’t abide in hope if we constantly are looking for ways to disbelieve something. We can’t abide in peace when we advocate for violence. We can’t abide in joy if we seek to surround ourselves with the doldrums. We can’t abide in fellowship if we push people away. We can’t abide in the magic of the moments if we don’t seek out joy and love and hope and peace and fellowship. And we cannot continue to write the chapters that make up the stories of our lives without that magic.

My dear friends, in whatever way shape or form it means to you, abide. Stay magical. Exude joy. Be peace. Show love. Have hope. Write those stories, whether they be the ones in your head or the story of life you are continuing.


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7 thoughts on “Abide

  1. What an amazing gift that word is…when you live in it! I love the way you laid this out…such a simple concept that can create such a wonderful effect! šŸ’žšŸ’žšŸ’ž

    Liked by 1 person

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