Halloween Town: The Back Valley

I love decorating for the holidays.  I always have.  Every year, I put up several villages atop one of our bookcases.  One of those villages is a “Halloween Town” that I started several years ago and add to every single year.  

This year, while putting out the village, I thought “Why not tell the stories of the little figurines that live there.”  So that’s what I am going to do this month as a writing exercise on top of my other writing adventures.

Here is the fourth installment – the first being Witch Hill, the second being Slime River and the Haunted Forest, and the third being Skels Hamlet (*disclaimer – you need to hover over the place names to find the link and these links will open in a new tab*).  Enjoy!

Halloween Town in its entirety…. Photo taken by K. S. Wood, October 2021

“The Back Valley” – Photo taken by K. S. Wood, October 2021

It was the fourth week in October and the Back Valley was hopping.

The Back Valley was the end of Peace Valley at one point. It was a normal area until the Slime River was created. The occupants who lived here had to literally move earth to divert Slime River away from their part of the town. In doing so, they seemed to move the heavens too. Somehow, the moving of the earth ended up creating the supernatural forces that chained many a skeleton to the earth instead of letting them pass through to the next life. Hence the reason Skels Hamlet came to be.

“The Biker” ~ Photo taken by K. S. Wood, October 2021

Roscoe leaned against the solitary light post in the Back Valley and sighed as he surveyed the hopping Pumpkin Bowl across the valley. He thought about the choices he made in his lifetime that led him to this eternity here in the Back Valley as he looked at his bike.

Roscoe Slade was once a biker. He wasn’t part of any gang, nor did he live by any code but his own.

He did like to go fast on his bike, an trait that would later literally haunt him. He had been flying around a curve on the highway that once went just outside of Halloween Town when his bike flew off the road. He gained air, flying over the former village of Atherton and crashing into one of the hills of Peace Valley. Since his crash coincided with the early days of the creation of Slime River and moving of heaven and earth, Roscoe’s soul was doomed to wander the Valley.

That was also how Dead Man’s curve got its name.

In what was an act of mercy, his bike also became doomed to wander the earth as well, cursed just as he was. Sometimes, he still rode fast on it, flying on occasion. But since the sound of the ghost bike terrorized some in Halloween Town, especially the witches up on Witch Hill, he did not do it often these days.

After all, he still lived by his own code.

“Black Cat trailer” ~ Photo taken by K. S. Wood, October 2021

Roscoe made his home in Black Cat trailer.

Black Cat trailer was an unoccupied trailer that was placed in the Slime River valley sometime in the past. No one in Halloween Town knew exactly who or even when. It just appeared one day. It sat uninhabited until Roscoe decided to make his home there. Often he played music in the trailer. The light show that happened when he did so was spectacular and rivaled the music and lights from the Pumpkin Bowl.

Pumpkin Bowl” ~ Photo taken by K. S. Wood, October 2021

The Pumpkin Bowl was hopping every Saturday night, for that was league night. The Witches’ team was winning the current season, although the Trees from the Haunted Forest were in a close second. A Goth team from the local living town that braved coming to Halloween Town was in the third place position while the skeletons from Skels Village were in dead last. They didn’t care, for they were having fun.

Eustace this week accidentally bowled his skull though instead of his ball. Pemberton face palmed, for it meant having to fix the skull once more.

Everyone ignored the battle that raged onward on Cemetery Hill….. but they knew Halloween was coming, and that the zombies were coming for their souls…. but they had one more week before they had to worry about it. And in Halloween Town, they just took it one day at a time.……

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