Halloween Town: Cemetery Hill

I love decorating for the holidays.  I always have.  Every year, I put up several villages atop one of our bookcases.  One of those villages is a “Halloween Town” that I started several years ago and add to every single year.  

This year, while putting out the village, I thought “Why not tell the stories of the little figurines that live there.”  So that’s what I am going to do this month as a writing exercise on top of my other writing adventures.

Here is the fifth and last installment – the first being Witch Hill, the second being Slime River and the Haunted Forest, the third being Skels Hamlet, and the fourth being the Back Valley (*disclaimer – you need to hover over the place names to find the link and these links will open in a new tab*).  Enjoy!

Halloween Town in its entirety…. Photo taken by K. S. Wood, October 2021

“Cemetery Hill” ~ Photo taken by K. S. Wood, October 2021

Today was Halloween.

Luckily it was Halloween day, versus Halloween night. For if it were night, this story would be too scary to tell. For Cemetery Hill was often a scary place, even to the inhabitants of Halloween Town. But the night of Halloween, almost none of the inhabitants of Witch Hill, Skels Village, the Haunted Forest or Slime River ever dared go up on the hill of the cemetery.

It was definitely a scary place then.

It all started then the crypt lit up one year with purple light.

“The Crypt” ~ Photo taken by K. S. Wood, October 2021

The crypt was a usual crypt, once upon a time. Many of the once livings were entombed in the crypt along the years, when the town was a “normal” town instead of the haunted, enchanted town it had become. But then a mysterious presence took over the crypt. None of the other inhabitants knew what it was, but they knew it was there for an eerie purple glow took over the building. Sometimes the presence was slumbering, for the building didn’t glow. But more often than not, especially at night, the force was awake and glowing.

Coincidentally, Humphreys the gnome had shown up around the same time as the crypt’s force had… So some wondered if the two were related.

The Battle at Cemetery Hill” ~ Photo taken by K. S. Wood, October 2021

The presence’s appearance seemed to awaken the undead who slumbered in their graves in Cemetery Hill. And every Halloween, they tried to take over the town. Every Halloween night, there was a huge battle.

“The Zombies Gather” ~ Photo taken by K. S. Wood, October 2021

The zombies were the most recently dead. Some of them didn’t even die in the town, but were rather from the closest living towns. Every year in October since the crypt had gained its mysterious presence and Humphreys had created his home on the side of the hill, they gathered on Cemetery Hill. They gathered their strength from the powers of All Hallow’s Eve and the hill itself, imbued with some sort of magical powers. They feasted on souls and every year they attempted to gain the souls of the inhabitants of Halloween Town. They always skirmished with the skeleton army before they were at full strength, testing the limits of the eternal forces that guarded the town. But the skeleton army was ready for them.

“The Skeleton Army” – Photo taken by K. S. Wood, October 2021

The skeleton army also gathered their power from the mystical forces of All Hallow’s Eve, though they were actually the strongest on Dia De los muertos. They were a strong army indeed, made up of the most fearless inhabitants of Halloween Town. They spent eternity guarding the hill and the cemetery and every Halloween since the mysteriousness of the crypt’s force unearthed the undeads, they faced off against the Army of the Undead that perpetually threatened the entire town.

The newest addition to Cemetery Hill was Twyla the Skeletal Unicorn. She stood on the side of the battle with the skeleton army.

“Twyla the Skeletal Unicorn” ~ Photo taken by K. S. Wood, October 2021

Twyla the unicorn didn’t speak or make any sound, though somehow the residents of Halloween Town had learned her name. Perhaps Humphreys had mentioned it. No one knew.

But this October, she appeared on Cemetery Hill, perhaps summoned by Humphreys. She persisted in aiding the skeleton army as they did their skirmishes, lending them some power that was as sibylline as she seemed to be. The undead army was afraid of her. Even the crypt’s mysterious force seemed to wane as she trotted back and forth on the hill, lending some sort of magic to the battle to keep Halloween Town’s souls from being consumed. And perhaps tonight, on Halloween, she’d help end the battle so that the skeleton army could prevail.

But who knows.

That’s a story that may never be written, for after all, this is just a figurine town. Or is it?……

You write your own ending.

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