Third Novella Published!

I am happy to announce that my newest novella, Ruffian, is now available on Kindle! This is the story of Garrion, one of the minor characters in the book Portal Seeker.

I will warn you that if you chose to read this as a stand alone, there are a few spoilers in it (and some stuff that won’t be clear unless you read the books first), since it is meant to be read AFTER the first three novels. But, if you would rather just read the short stories, it can be read instead of the books as well.

Like Child of the Sage and Keeper of Stories, this is ONLY available currently on Kindle.

As an orphaned teenager in the nameless village in the Realm of Original Magic, Garrion has lived with the memories of his Ruffian father, who taught him that to show any weakness means to be less of a man. He has lived his life trying to be as brave and as strong as his father. But when he meets the Portal Seeker, his ideals as to what constitutes strength and courage are challenged, for while Solilune of Delphian is a very different kind of hero, he is equally accepted as part of the Ruffian pack. Soon Garrion finds himself facing a situation that will call for heroics of his own making. Can he find his own brand of strength and courage? Can he become a Ruffian?

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