Whenever possible, I prefer to walk.

I do drive. I know how to and I will do it on occasion. I have a driver’s license. I just don’t like driving as much as I like using my own two feet. Plus the hubby loves to drive, so I let him.

It helps that my workplace is only half a mile from my home, which means it is usually a ten minute walk. Most everything currently that I need to sustain my life is also within walking distance. Plus, hubby and I have always only had one car, and since his workplace is about 13 miles away, he of course gets the car to go to work while I walk most days.

With walking, I can have time to think and compose my thoughts. The activity also is good exercise, but it is more the fact that I don’t have to pay attention as much with walking as I do with other forms of transportation. I can kind of out my feet on autopilot and just let myself get lost in a world of thoughts. of course I have to pay attention to streets and such, but over the years I have learned to adapt my brain to pay attention in a way I can’t do while driving.

Often, I compose things in my head when I am walking. I will write out parts of stories or blog posts or even just have a commentary with myself in my mind about something I witnessed. I walk to process this stuff.

More importantly, I am outside when I walk more often than not (though some below zero days my apartment neighbors have found me pacing the hall and stairs in our building because I’ve needed to walk to release some of my pent up energy and it’s too cold to go outside.) I need that time out in the sun, soaking up its warmth as my body makes some vitamin D. It helps my mental attitude, even in the shorter days of the year. I can be in a bad mood when I start my walk, but as the exertion works away whatever stress I am feeling, the sun helps with it. Often my frame of mind is better when I return, though not always.

Unless it is super cold or stormy or super early, I will walk to work. It’s just something I do. Friends have offered rides before and I will just shake my head. I could find rides if needed to places, or use my car. It’s just I love the idea of walking to places. I always have.

It’s probably why most of my stories in my Portals Series have walking as the main form of transportation. I write what I know.

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