It’s Christmas Time in the City (part two)

Like my Halloween Town (which has a series of blog post short stories written about it), I also have a Christmas village, created from a plethora of mismatched pieces I have collected over the years. It too resides on the bookcase upon which Halloween Town makes its appearance, usually being set up the weekend after Thanksgiving and taken down after Epiphany every year.

It brings me great joy to create, even though usually the other half and I are the only ones to see it.

Here is this year’s version:

I had been asked by friends if I was going to write a story about it over the past two years, ever since my Halloween Town stories took off. Because of my bout with COVID last year, I did not get to it. This year, I’ve been struggling to find the words to write a story…. but this week, the weather has inspired me. So here goes. This is part two of two (click here for part one) – and yes, some of the “people” are bears….. It’s a magical village, after all!

Oh, before I begin – here’s the IG reel I made on the village!

It’s Christmas Time in the Village

It was just a few days now before Christmas in the town of Hays-Wayfare and everyone was hustling and bustling to get things done before the big day. The town had received some wonderful snowfall after several warm days, so it seemed to put everyone in the Christmas mood. But blizzard-like conditions put everyone into a frenetic shopping mode.

After all, they didn’t want to wait until Virgin Mary’s water had broken to finish their shopping for the holidays.

The Middle of Hays-Wayfare – Photo taken by K. S. Wood, December 2022

The stores were packed with people all day long. While most were pleasant, there were a few rude and grumpy customers. But the air was jovial and merry, just as the season was supposed to be.

Even the bookstore, usually quiet on a weekday, was bustling and hustling as people bought their last minute gifts. The local author had brought in a shipment of books to sell and there were two people wanting the very last copy. Somehow, shop owner Enrique was able to get it sorted out. Around the corner, at the florist shop. the last of the poinsettias and Christmas cactuses were sold and bouquets and arrangements of every size and shape were being picked up or delivered. It was to be a merry holiday for a great many people. At the café, Mrs. Bearington, the wife of Pastor Bearington, was closing up for the holiday. She had served the last meal until after Christmas and was exhausted but happy. She was bringing home her family’s dinner with her.

USMC Major Barrios stood outside the shops, a giant box for collection next to him fairly overflowing with toys. The people of Hays-Wayfare were very generous indeed. Santa Claus stood nearby, greeting everyone by the town’s decorated tree. He was also helping collect gifts for the needy of the town and surround areas and was quite the quintessential joviality his position embodied.

Hays-Wayfare School – Photo taken by K. S. Wood, December 2022

The schoolhouse of Hays-Wayfare was bustling, even though school had already been let out for the season. There were a number of families there for the annual Christmas party the town threw for the less fortunate ones. A couple of the older kids had slipped outside to make snow angels in the freshly fallen snow while the atmosphere inside was full of happiness, gratitude and companionship.

The other half of town – Photo taken by K. S. Wood, December 2022

Across town, the bakery was getting ready to close up shop for the night. Pierre DeChamps, the baker, was admiring the winner of the gingerbread house competition he held that year. It was a purely magical creation. Meanwhile, at the Episcopalian Church, carolers stood outside in the snow, singing their hearts out as the beautiful strains of their melodies filled the air. Mrs. O’Toole, the proprietor of the Hays-Wayfare Boarding House, stood outside listening with rapt attention to the songs. It reminded her of Christmases long ago when she was a child.

Out in the woods – Photo taken by K. S. Wood, December 2022

Out in the woods, away from the others in Hays-Wayfare, a old cottage was situated. In this cottage lived Agnetha and her family on land that had been theirs for several generations. She was a quiet soul and enjoyed her solitude, especially since she had made many friends with the local wildlife, including a spirit bear she had named Bjorn. She stood outside in the quiet of the Solstice and enjoyed the breathtaking beauty of the fresh winter night. It was a change from the hustle and bustle of the town nearby.

Christmas was just around the corner, and everyone was getting ready in their own way to celebrate. but for now, the magic of the season was around them and a blizzard was about to blanket the town. Would everyone enjoy the winter weather or curse it, wishing for warmer climates? Who knows. But the town would keep going and life would keep on going.

After all, the story must go on. but you get to make up the rest of it.

Stay magical!

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