Take the time to find the sacred

Today is Christmas Day, a time of celebration for many around the world. It is the culmination of the Advent season in the liturgical calendar. And since I am one of those who celebrate, sometimes I let my beliefs settle into these blog posts.

As I sit here in my humble abode, a blanket of snow coating the ground and the scent of my Christmas dinner roasting in the oven, I reflect on the past four weeks of the season that just ended. While Christmas music blares in my headphones and my feet luxuriate in my comfy slippers while the space heater keeps the place a comfortable temperature, given the frosty winds that moan outside, I write this post.

For those who might not know, for many denominations that celebrate Christmas the four weeks of Advent are marked by four themes. They are hope, love, joy and peace. Every year, the little church I attend here in my swath of the Midwest does a series that focuses on each of the themes of the Advent season. This year, that series was entitled “Reflecting the Sacred.” And since a number of my blog posts are what a friend loves to affectionately call my “Sermon Reflections”, I feel it a bit apropos to write this today as I reflect on what the sacred should be.

Sacred. It’s a word that definitely has religious connotations. I know some who tend to shy away from the word because of those connotations. One of the many definitions of the word is “to be regarded with great reverence and respect,” stemming from the word consecrate, which itself means “to devote something to an exclusive purpose.”

I could poll all of my followers on all of my social media about what is sacred and get a variety of different answers and probably have a great deal of discussion with people. Perhaps there would even be a few arguments. But I believe that, just as faith is personal, each person and only each person can decide what is and is not sacred to themselves.

For me, finding the magic in the moment is often sacred. It’s in the quiet hush when the snow falls. It’s in the chilling cold of a blizzard. It’s in the way the heat flows though a room in those first frosty moments in the morning right as the space heater is turned on.

It was when the teenaged son of a close friend of the other half and I sought us out at our church service last night to sit with us, a friendly face amongst the crowd. It’s in the gift that’s given to a friend, especially when you don’t expect one back. It’s in the last card written to you by a now deceased family member, cherished forever for the moments you were together.

The sacred is here, in this moment. The sacred is all around us. It is in the joy we find, the hope we bring, the love that we share and the peace we center ourselves in. The sacred lives within us and through us. It’s how we reflect it that is the trick. I know I need to work on that myself. But, we all are works in progress and we all need to find the sacred within ourselves so that we can mirror it back to others. Regardless of whatever belief system we follow, how we treat each other when the day is done is how we will be remembered. Seek out that divine spark that lives in every person, for we each have a commonality in that humanity.

Hope for the best, even if you prepare for the worst. Even when all is lost, hold on to that magic.

Love unconditionally and with great ferocity. See the amazing in people, even if the world sees nothing special there.

Find that which brings you joy. Shower that upon others as well, making a safe space for them.

Center yourself in peace so that you can embody it to others. Show mercy and even forgiveness as needed.

Take the time to find the sacred within yourself and others, whatever that means to you.

I know I will.

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2 thoughts on “Take the time to find the sacred

  1. Eloquently said, and a wonderful reminder to take a close look at what you are reflecting! I hope your Christmas was filled with blessings and that the new year brings you many more 💞


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