Second Novella Available on Kindle

I am happy to announce that my newest novella, Keeper of Stories, is now available on Kindle! This is the story of Mopsa, who is the daughter of one of the main characters of the book Keeper of the Key and the sister of a character from Last of His Kind.

I will warn you that if you chose to read this as a stand alone, there are a few spoilers in it (and some stuff that won’t be clear unless you read the books first), since it is meant to be read AFTER the first three novels. But, if you would rather just read the short stories, it can be read instead of the books as well.

Like Child of the Sage, this is ONLY available currently on Kindle.

As the heir to the position of the Key Keeper, Lady Mopsa has been told since she was little she is destined to do great things. Yet, she is the only common-born in a family of magicals. She struggles to find her own way, much like her cousins Ayamus and Solilune. Pursuing her own knowledge, she works in the library of Delphian, learning all she can despite lacking any sage magic. When an old danger threatens the lives of her family and friends, Mopsa must summon her courage to find the wisdom within. Can she write her own story just as she collects those from others as the Keeper of Stories?

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