Every word I write is thought about. I try to make my words have meaning, since I try to create art with them.

Even my dedications are thought out.

My Portals Series books are all dedicated to people who mean a great deal to me.

My first book in the saga, The Keeper of the Key had this as the dedication:

To my Pap, Charles Wood, who was always telling me stories, and to my Pop, Ernest Waldspurger, who love to hear my stories

My grandpap, Charles Wood, was a HUGE teller of stories. I joke often I must have gotten his knack for telling stories, although he told stories by speaking and I would rather write, painting my stories with words on the page. I likely get that creativity through my grandpop, Ernest Waldspurger, who was very creative himself. He loved to read what I wrote and told me that often. I had to dedicate the first story to them. Pap died in 1989 and Pop died in 2003. My grandfathers still loom large in my memories and I try to honor them often with my writing.

My second book, Last of His Kind has this dedication:

Dedicated to my wonderful husband, who gives me the time and space to dream

My wonderful husband (MRD), and I started dating in 2006 and got married in 2007, when I started looking into writing as something I could share with the world instead of just something I did quietly. He has been my support and my rock, listening patiently as I read aloud EVERY story multiple times. He lets me bounce ideas off of him often, sometimes even offering suggestions. He gives me time to write and understands my crazy. I love him every moment for it.

My third book, Portal Seeker, has this dedication:

Dedicated to the memory of the late Stephen Ray Smith. Also dedicated in honor of Jason. Two dear friends, who despite their differences, formed a strong bond that survives despite one’s passing.

Steve and Jason have been friends of mine since long ago. I jokingly call them my pocket friends, for I had never met either of them in person, but we met through a mutual love for video games and remained friends for many years (I texted them often, so they were in my pocket….on my phone). The two of them became very, very close.

Sadly, Steve (pictured) passed away in November of 2020. He loved to do graphic design and helped me design a few images for my first ever book, Two Worlds Collide. He was always on the ready as a friend if I needed an ear to listen me speak and was a great friend to many and a father to his children.

Jason is still very much alive and I won’t say much more about him out of respect for his privacy but he remains a close friend.

My first novella in the series has this:

Dedicated to the memory of Caitlin “Jutterbud” Ozima, 1991-2005, Who loved to hear about any and all adventures

Caitlin (whom I called “Caity-Lynn” often) was a very special young lady I had the privilege of working with long ago in a youth group. She loved hearing my tales and sparked my imagination on a few things. She had dreams of adventure and devoured any book I recommended to her, but sadly was killed in an automobile accident at the age of fourteen. Her death shattered the group I worked with, for it was the first taste of death for some of the kids. I still have one of her last notes pinned to my bulletin board above my desk. It has yellowed with ago, but still has the “love ya” clear as day. She was a sweet young woman and I try to honor her memory with my writing as well..

While I have in mind who the next story will be dedicated to, I will keep it a secret until then.

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