It’s been almost a full week since I have written anything.

A full week…..

My brain needed rest.

My body needed the rest.

Last Friday, 17 December, I started to feel like I was coming down with some sort of cold or flu bug. I had the scratchy throat, aches and pains (which always hit me hard), and a low grade fever that blew into a higher fever on Saturday. But then, I started ticking off other symptoms:

I lost my sense of smell.

My stomach had some troubles.

My fever came back after being gone for a full day (and then left again).

Uh…. Oh…..

I had a rapid test on Tuesday and I am now on day 6 of isolation… since well, what I thought was just a cold or flu bug wasn’t… The dear husband and I are sick with THE bug.

My body needed the rest. So did my mind. It was weird, not hearing the constant chatter from the voice inside my head that tells me to write. I usually hear stories, and it was quiet. But my body needed that quiet to rest.

I woke up today after a full night’s sleep. My smell is coming back. My cough is lessening (though it’s still fun in the morning and evenings…. but I also have allergies and that’s when they act up). While my body is refreshed, my mind is now raring to go again. The voice is back and it’s loud. But I am telling it to take it slow.

After all, I have some chores that need doing. Our little dwelling is a bit of a mess and now that I have some energy, I am taking it slow and planning on getting a few things done as needed.

After all, I still need to rest. And the husband is still sick since his isolation started two days after mine. But we are both vaccinated (though not boosted) and hopefully we are on the mend.

I also am hearing the voices again of some of my characters…. so who knows, i may do some writing today…..

But I will still rest.

Stay safe out there friends….. this isn’t over yet.

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And as always, #writeyourownstory

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