So late last week, I came down with a cold. For a day or so, I thought it was just a bad allergy attack, since I have a few environmental triggers, but my allergy meds weren’t cutting it. Last Saturday, I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a truck and just generally icky. Thankfully, it was just a cold (I know because I tested!), and while I am getting over it, I am still congested almost a week later, though even that is getting better.

Like when I was sick last Christmas with COVID-19, my body this time reminded me that I needed the rest. I couldn’t push myself as much as I wanted to, because I had physical limitations. But I am bouncing back a bit better than I did last winter. The voices in my head that tell me to write, while they were a bit quieter, were not silenced. I was able to get some reading done. I am not as worn out.

But we all need that rest to keep us going. Despite what some may say, rest IS productive. It IS something everyone needs. And getting sick often reminds me that sometimes I need to slow down and take a moment just to breathe, even if it is still a congested breath. From the amount of spent tissues in the trash can near my desk, it appears I have had a great many congested breaths too.

Fret not, my readers. I am getting better. In this age of pandemics and such, I have taken to wearing a mask again in public to protect others, and will do so for at least the rest of this week or until I feel the the congestion in my nose is back to just being allergy related. So far, the only person I have shared this bug with is the other half, because sharing is caring, or so I like to joke. And he’s taking the same precautions as I am.

For sickness is just as much a part of my story as is good health. It’s how we deal with what we are given that makes up most of our story. And while this is just an inconvenient week for me in the grand scheme of life, it will remain a part of my story nevertheless, though one forgotten as time progresses.

Stay magical, friends!

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3 thoughts on “Sickness

  1. Hopefully you’ve kicked the cold to the curb by now…and yes, our bodies will force us to rest if we don’t listen to them when they need it! 💞


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