In the summer, it is not often that I see the sunrise.

When I have to work the full time job, I am usually up around 0530 or 0600. In the summer, the sun has already begun its ascent across the sky by then, so I miss greeting the dawn.

But late fall and early winter is another story.

I am up before the sun has even thought to begin its ascent. Two days of the week currently, I am even at work before the sun has come up. Since both my abode’s windows and my work’s windows face east, I can watch as the sunrise happens. It never ceases to amaze me.

The colors are glorious. The way that the blacks of night turn to the darkest shade of amber just before the sun starts to climb. The way red and pink are the first shades of color more often than not, giving way to purple and light blue as the sky changes from dark pitch to the brilliant blue of day. there is wonderous light, bright before the sun begins to blind in all of its splendor.

I love each and ever sunrise. It shows the promises of a new day. It becomes another do-over, a chance to get things done. Or a chance to just be still.

Sunrises in winter have an advantage over summer as well, for the trees have lost their leave, their dark and empty branches becoming stark contrasts to the beauty in the colors of the sky.

This morning, like all Sunday mornings, I am off from my job. Even though I could have slept in, my body decided that it no longer wanted to sleep, so I got up, much to the joy of the two furry felines I am owned by, for they were of course immediately fed.

As usual, I sat at my computer, as I often do in the mornings, and began to compose words. But looking out my window, I noticed the first slivers of the dawn as it began and have stopped to watch it from time to time, noting the colors and the opulence of the sky. It still mesmerizes me.

I have taken a few photos of it as it progresses from the comfortable warmth of my living room window, using the “good camera” instead of my phone. Even in the jumble of the suburban landscape, the sky is beautiful.

Soon, all too quickly, the sun will have come completely over the horizon and I will have to shut the shades, else I will be blinded. But for now, I sit at my computer, a fresh cup of coffee in the mug to my left and a sleeping house panther in the cat bed to my right, and enjoy the sunrise in all of its grandeur and majesty.

This will probably end up in another story……

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And as always, #writeyourownstory

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