Newest novella in the Portals Series published!

I am happy to announce that Xavier’s story has been released in my Portals Series. Xavier was one of the main characters in Portal Seeker, but had never told his story until now.

I will warn you that if you chose to read this as a stand alone, there are a few spoilers in it (and some stuff that won’t be clear unless you read the books first), since it is meant to be read AFTER the first three novels. But, if you would rather just read the short stories, it can be read instead of the books as well.

Like the first three novellas (Child of the Sage, Keeper of Stories and Ruffian) this book is ONLY currently available on Kindle.

Even though he has the power to open portals, Xavier of the Realm of Original Magic had never been away from his own home. He deals with the repercussions of his mother’s failure to teach him the ways of portal seeking and his magical powers. But Solilune of Delphian has taken up the task of teaching Xavier and his sister Tetyana the Dynast to hone their powers, thus becoming more than just a distant cousin to the twins. When Xavier is given the chance to go to a realm of darkness, he must prove he is strong enough to face his first challenges as a seeker of magic, even if it means his death. He must also prove he trusts the Portal Seeker with every fiber of his being. Can he write his own story like Soli has done before? Can he prove he is truly worthy to be the Emissary of the Realm?

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And as always, keep on with the whole idea of #writeyourownstory

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