Write Your Own Story

I recently was asked by a good friend why I often use the hash tag #writeyourownstory on my various social media posts.

It started out as just a simple phrase that I typed into one of my novels in a moment of inspiration. I didn’t plan it out, I just wrote the words and they stuck with me….

In Portal Seeker, Silus tells his son Solilune, “I should begin with a story.”

Other characters in other works in my Portals Series say lines like “that’s not my story to tell.” “Let him finish his story.” “This is my story to tell.”

I even joke that I hear the voices of my characters in my head, telling me their stories.

It’s been one of the themes of my saga since I started writing it – each character has their own story to tell, and the Portal Seeker encourages each character to tell that story. It is one of the reasons I write in first person. I am writing their stories.

My pap, my father’s father, was known as an awesome teller of tall tales. He always had a story to tell, or so I was told. He died when I was almost nine years of age, but his stories loomed large in my childhood memories. I must have inherited his love of storytelling, for it remains something I enjoy doing. I can’t speak the stories as well as he could, but I can string words together on a page just as eloquently as his storytelling ever could be.

Even he encouraged me to write my own stories, just as my mother continues to tell me to write.

I enjoy writing stories.

But I also enjoy telling others that they have a story to tell.

I enjoy reminding people that their story is not done yet…. They can write the story however they choose. They can add the semi-colon wherever they want, for their story isn’t done until the final sentence is written. Until then, it’s their story to write, so I hope they continue it until then.

It’s what I have been trying to do. While I write my tales of fantasy and my blog posts, I am also writing my own story. It may not be words on a page, but it is written in actions. It’s written in a series of choices I make every day. It’s written in the thoughts I choose to try to keep in my head to keep me going. I am the creator of what I do. I can choose to go right. I can choose to go left. I can choose to spend all day in bed. I can choose to write until the wee hours of the night. I have control over my choices, my actions, my decisions, and my reactions. I control my own life. I have the tools to write my story.

I write my own story.

I encourage others to do the same.

So every time I post #writeyourownstory, I am not only reminding myself to keep writing and keep living and keep $%@#ing going, but I hope I am reminding every one who reads my works to do the same.

After all, your story is important too.

So #writeyourownstory.

I know I do.

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And as always, #writeyourownstory

2 thoughts on “Write Your Own Story

    1. Aww thanks. I am hopeful that it’s not just writers I give inspiration to, but anyone who is looking to quit… their story might be whatever they are working on, or even just day-to-day living


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