Voices in our heads

I joke that a great deal of my stories are voices in my head yelling out their stories, hoping I will go ahead and finally write what they are saying. These voices are, for the most part, harmless and a part of my imagination I embrace wholeheartedly. After all, I wouldn’t have my Portals Series […]

Milestones are arbitrary

I know, like everyone else, I’ve likely spent a good portion of my life being compared to. I have compared my life to others in the past. I try not to do so now, since well, I know better. It happens even though I try to not let it happen. But guess what, I am […]


It’s Easter Sunday today, and while it doesn’t feel like Spring in my little swath of the Midwest since the snow is falling, Spring is here. A close friend (otherwise known as the pastor of my church) asked a question today in his sermon. How do you find joy? Travis Stanley, Pastor, Norwalk Christian Church, […]