Spring is in the air

Twice this past week, I have been able to get outside for long walks of over three miles. While the first walk was done on a day where it was chilly and I had to wear my heavy coat, the second walk was done in just a long sleeved shirt.

Spring is in the air.

This time of year has always been a favorite time for me, ever since I moved to this swath of the Midwest nearly sixteen years ago. I love seeing the brown detritus give way to the verdancy of new life of all shades of green. I love hearing the frogs in the waterways calling for their mates. Soon, the ducks and geese that are returning to this area will have their tiny babies paddling around in the ponds and on the lakes, teaching them to be waterfowl. And while my allergies will be in full bloom, I have allergy meds that work for that.

Soon, this will be filled with colors and foliage for as far as the eye can see:

Farm pond along the Great Western Trail, Rural Warren County, Iowa – photo taken 3 March 2023 by K. S. Wood

In my mind, spring is a time for changes and transitions. We clean in the spring, trying to get the old out and let the new in. I seem to make more goals in the spring than I have any other time. Currently, my March goals are to read as much as I can and also get some sort of physical activity in (hence the 3.5 mile walk I did when I took the above photo). I’m more active in the spring, where the days are lengthening and there seems to be a visible energy waiting to explode. There’s magic waiting to happen and moments to enjoy.

Spring is my second favorite season, as autumn is my favorite. While I can find wonderful moments in winter, it can be too cold at times, forcing me to stay indoors. Summer is far too hot and has too many bugs for me, both of which also cause me to stay inside more often than not.

But these days, where winter is in its last gasp and spring is tantalizing us on the horizon, I embrace the outdoors as much as I can, relishing in the vitamin D and the marvel each moment brings. Every day is different too, something I touched upon in my newest book, Luna (available for purchase in paperback format and on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited):

“I also noticed in my few days in the village that spring in this ancient world was as fickle as the Lady of Nature was.

One day was very warm. The sun was shining brightly and there was nary a cloud in the sky. Even though the grass had already grown where brown once was, the sunlight seemed to make it more verdant and vibrant. Many spent time outdoors, finding excuses to just be in the sunshine. I also enjoyed the warmth as I made my way through town on a walk.

The next day, clouds covered the sky, dark clouds that brought both rain and snow. Everyone was forced to stay indoors since it was chilly, though I still donned one of Lord Rogier’s capes and escaped outdoors for a bit. I could smell the woodsmoke in the air from all the fires that burned in hearths to ward off the chill.

The third day, the sun was back and shining brightly, but the wind was blowing so fiercely that it was bitterly cold in the drafty houses.

On my last day in the sage village, the morning was intensely cold. Snow had fallen overnight.”

~ excerpt from Luna by K. S. Wood

I could add another kind of spring day to the list. Today was one of those days, where there was a misty rain in the morning that coated everything in wet and a chill permeated the air. But then the sun diffused through the clouds, peeking out in intensity at times that blinded everything. Eventually the clouds rolled away and the air felt damp , but beautiful as the sun dried up the concrete and asphalt. It was a magical day, one I may add to my stories, eventually. But I will hold the memory of the day in my head forever.

Stay magical, friends.

Write your own stories.

Enjoy the spring that is coming.

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