Deep Questions

I have noticed, throughout the years, that most kids ask a great many questions. They are relentless in their quest to understand how the world works and why it works that way. They are constantly trying to challenge the ways of the world as they challenge their own selves. They are insatiable in their need to learn. They exhaust the adults around them as they ask their questions. And when answers challenge their belief systems, they absorb them for the most part, allowing those answers to help change a bit of their thinking and learn the ways around them

But most adults, I have noticed, often tend to remain in their own status quo. Blinded by their past experiences, their assumptions and prejudices, and their fears, they tend to not ask any questions. They are afraid of ridicule and appearing childish. Often, questions bring change and challenges they don’t want to deal with. They no longer seek to understand the world around them, let alone challenge it. The ambiguity of the world keeps them trapped, afraid to step out of the comfortable or what works.

Note first that I said MOST kids and MOST adults. There are times where kids don’t ask questions. There are times where adults do. And yes, even I make generalizations some of the time.

But here’s the thing. The world has always been ambiguous, even as it is ever changing. There is constant uncertainty. There are always things that ever plague us, gnawing at us, causing us to doubt ourselves and our abilities. If we just plod through life never wanting to change things, we live a life that is just mundane and not magical.

It takes deep questions sometimes to change our ways. We need to start asking questions like a child would. We need to learn to begin again, questioning the world around us as we question our doubts, our fears and our assumptions.

After all, if we hold on to them, we cannot begin again like children do to challenge ourselves. We cannot strive to be our best, to be the embodiment of the magic the world needs, the joy, the love, the hope and the peace we all badly need to survive. We cannot write a story of life that is abundant and full if we don’t ask the deep questions that shed light on the very parts of us we hold in the darkness.

How can this be?

Why is it that way?

What can make it better?

So dear readers, I challenge you. Ask yourself a deep question. Then take the time to search within yourself for the answer.

It’s all a part of this magical story we write.

Stay magical.

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One thought on “Deep Questions

  1. Actually asking and answering those questions at work right now as well…change in ownership and figuring out what the new path forward looks like for everyone. 💞


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