What is Your Life Worth?

Today’s culture will tell you that our life’s worth is dependent on exteriors. We have to have influence to be heard. We must be successful and hit certain milestones to be worth something. We need achievements and a certain deal of wealth accumulated to actually matter. We need to have everything all together to be someone.

But the problem with that kind of mindset is it is contingent on everyone else finding value in you. It’s contingent on storing up treasures and wealth and then flaunting that wealth. It’s contingent on life going one way and one way only, the way that is planned out. And as the late John Lennon penned,

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

And when those plans go awry, we discover that what we wanted is not there. We become worthless, or so we think. But we’re often chasing the wrong kind of wealth and treasures. We’re chasing the wrong kind of things that make our lives matter.

What kind of life are you building up? Are you believing in the lies that culture is feeding you? Or are you discovering what your life is truly worth?

You are worth more than you know.

Stop believing that you don’t matter because of your lack of whatever measure of success you constantly hold up. You matter because you are loved. You are valuable because you are you. You are precious because there can be no one else like you.

So what are you accumulating? So what kind of treasure are you storing up?

There is a certain imagery to the word treasure.  A dragon guards his treasure hoard, letting naught steal it.  A pirate searches for buried treasure, traveling the high seas and dodging those who may be also on the hunt.  A person holds a treasure-trove of memories, etched in his or her mind for all eternity. We treasure moments in time, sometimes bittersweetly wishing we could get them back.  Christ commands his followers to store up their treasures not here on earth, but in heaven where the intangible becomes priceless.

It’s the intangible treasures that make a life worth living. It’s the memories, the stories, the moments and the people we gather around us that make the measure of a life. It’s the acts of kindness and the moments of forgiveness that mean something. It’s the way you become a human BEing instead of a human DOing that matters the most.

So build relationships. Love life and the people that are in it. Find a village that cares for you as you do for them. Make memories. Forgive as you wish you could be forgiven. Do what feeds your soul, whatever you heart desires. Find the magic in the mundane and make your own if you need to.

Believe in your own story. Write it, word for word and chapter by chapter, not so that others can look back and say “wow, he was rich in material things” but rather so that others might one day say “she was rich in love and life and kindness towards others.”

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