You’ve Got This

Often, when someone is doubting their abilities to do something, usually out of the ordinary, someone inevitably tells them; “Don’t worry, you’ve got this!”

But what is the “this” that one’s got?

Often, the “this” is a task or challenge that might seem difficult. It’s an obstacle in the way, or a mentality one cannot seem to break. It can be something as simple as starting a new school or making an appointment by phone. It can be something huge like fighting cancer or climbing Mount Everest. But it’s often something that, for whatever reason, is challenging. It’s something that makes one stop and think. It’s something that may make someone doubt their abilities and look for the defeat, even before trying to do whatever the “this” is.

“I can’t do it.”

“Sure you can. You’ve got this.”

And more often than not, it is someone else who is saying the “You’ve got this.” Even when we don’t think we can do something, we have others who love us enough to support us and hold us up, reminding us that we’ve got this.

You’ve got this, even when you doubt yourself. You’ve got this, even when you feel like giving up. You’ve got this, no matter what challenges you may face or what adversities you may be up against. And those cheering you on, many of them have been there. They’ve had to find that they had this too.

I even write about it in my stories.

In Portal Seeker, the Bearer of Wisdom, Melisandra, tells the seeker Solilune:

“You are the Portal Seeker, who seeks to bring about magic’s glory once more.”

In other words, she’s telling him, “you’ve got this.”

In my novella Ruffian, the young orphan Garrion states that:

“I am proud of what I have accomplished, for it has made me strong, honorable, and brave.”

Despite his fear and what he thinks is cowardice because of his late father’s words, he discovers he’s got this.

In my upcoming novel, Luna, the Portal Seeker tells the protagonist Lyka:

“You will do fine, Lyka.  You have the skills you need and when the time comes, you will know how to use them.”

Solilune, having realized he’s got this, has turned to helping others find their own ways to say they can do it.

All of my characters are encouraged when facing their challenges, even when they see nothing but defeat. They have it, even when things seem wasted, because either they believe in themselves or others believe in them.

Silus has it even as the son of darkness in a society that frowns upon that kind of magic. Manda has it even though she knows nothing about her history. Temp has it when he was an outcast in his society and looked down upon for it. Tetyana and Xavier have it despite years of heartache and banishment. Mopsa has it, despite being the only person without magic in her family. Albion has it, even though he has no idea how to use it yet. Briar had it despite witnessing death and destruction at the hands of the Dynast. Sigsten has it even when he was just a lowly goatherd. Kyrbus and Ambarre both have it even when their past mistakes and sorrows caught up with them. Rhadamanthys has it even as the last living creature from his realm. Alex had it even though she has hardened her heart. Morogh has it and knows he can do it, even though he is just a common-born.

If you want to know more about the adventures I just mentioned, check out my Portals Series. I’ve been told they are really good.

Any who. Onward!

I’m often reminding myself that I’ve got this when I start to doubt myself, when the little voices I keep trying to change in my head tell me I won’t measure up. Just last weekend, I did something that made me have to remind myself I’ve got this. You can read a little about it in the following instagram post I did:

So remember, my dear and magical readers, you’ve got this. We’ve got this. We can do beautiful things, no matter what our circumstances, as long as we believe we’ve got this. And when we don’t believe we have it, we’ve got this because others believe in us and the outcomes of whatever it is we are facing.

After all, it’s part of this story of life we are writing.

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And as always, #writeyourownstory

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