It’s been a wild and crazy year

One year ago, I started a new project…. I started actively blogging on this very site. I had started blogs in the past, notably the genealogical history blog I still write on Blogger, but I hadn’t actively aimed to do more than a post a month or so. My goal with this blog wasn’t really thought out. I was aiming for two, sometimes three, blogs a week, though sometimes I barely managed to post one. But for a full year, I have been consistently writing blog posts that talk about whatever comes to mind, be it topics from sermons, discussions I have online, comments made in passing, or just musings I come up with all on my own.

I also managed to publish all of my novellas in my #PortalsSeries, aside from the one work in progress I currently have going.

It’s been a fun ride this past year. I have no plans to stop. After all, even though I have books for sale in my Portals Series, I know not everyone has the means to buy them. I know fantasy isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, or coffee, or something stronger if that is the want. But they love to read the other things I write, like this blog and the posts I put on Instagram that filter into Twitter and Facebook. I have been called prolific for that.

In one full year, I have had almost 2000 views on 122 posts. I have had 50 comments (hey friends – THAT could use some work!) and over 300 likes. I have had multiple people on multiple platforms comment on or share my blogs, or even both. And my story isn’t done.

I’ve come to discover a wonderful online community of writers who are not only willing to share tips, but some whom have reviewed my works as well and encouraged me and passed on my materials to others. They also have been wonderful in just engaging me in conversation and sharing their stories with me.

Not only am I writing more, but I am also reading more these days too, concentrating right now on the wonderful stories that other independent authors have written and reviewing them on GoodReads and on Amazon as applicable. If I haven’t gotten to yours yet, I might when I can (though I have found I am not a fan of horror or grimdark and I can only read so many poetry books since it’s not my favorite either). If you’re a friend of mine looking for reads yourself and want to help out indie authors, check out my GoodReads page to see what I have already read. If you do happen to read one of my works, GoodReads is a GREAT place to leave a review!

Moving forward, I have two goals… One is to keep this blog alive and read. So far, I have had a streak going since 11 June 2022 of at least ONE person reading something on my blog site each day. I’d like to see how far that goes. If you have something you think would make a good blog post, let me know. I am always open to suggestions and ideas and other points of view!

On to my second goal – I’m also trying to build more hype for my books organically. I need your help doing that. If you don’t want to read them, that’s fine. But consider sharing them with others who would be interested via social media and word of mouth. Tell me what I can do to make them more accessible to you (I am working on a plan to possibly get them into audiobook format in the future and the novellas will be in paperback form soon). Engage with my posts on social media and this blog so that others might possibly become more interested. Read what you can.

And thank you all, for riding out this wild and crazy year with me. It’s been fun. And it’s not over yet. For I still have magical things to write, edit, and publish. And I have a wonderful story of my own life that’s not done yet.

Stay magical. Write those stories you call your life.

I know I will.

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And as always, #writeyourownstory

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