Cold and Thaw

It’s winter in Iowa, as I have already blogged in posts.

We had a mild December. It was 70 degrees one day and Christmas Day was a beautiful upper-30s (F) kind of day. We got used to the weather, which spoiled us.

But 2022 has come in like a lion.

Last week it REALLY came in with a vengeance. We had snow on the first of the year that was nearly a blizzard. We have had very chilly weather. There were a few days where the wind was fierce and literally breathtaking. It was cold and biting, stinging even despite layers and layers of warm clothes.

Ice layered on windows, turning condensation to crystals in a matter of time. It created patterns that were beautiful but reminded me that the cold could be deadly.

One had to bundle up to even step outside it was so cold. I was chilly even in my dwelling with the boiler going. We had to run a space heater for a few days to keep the temperature at a somewhat comfortable level.

But yesterday was a promise of spring and warmer weather. It was in the 40s again and the sun was shining brightly in the sky. People ventured out without the layers they had to wear the previous week. I did part of my job outside yesterday wearing just a sweatshirt. Today promises to be about the same.

Yet, It was still well below freezing when I awakened for the day. Throughout yesterday, the wind was still chilly when it blew, though it was not as biting as it was last week. It reminds us that while we have these nice days of thaw, winter is not done with us yet. It is still here, likely for a few more months.

After all, snow is in the forecast.

This inspires me…..

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And as always, #writeyourownstory

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