The end of a season

Earlier today, I finally took down my Christmas decorations.

I have friends who take them down on the 26th of December. They are quite religious with it too. The holiday is over and they are done with Christmas.

I have friends that leave them up as long as they can bear. One year, I was one of those kind. But then, that was the year that I didn’t even celebrate Christmas until New Year’s Day since my husband was in the hospital for Christmas.

I usually take them down the weekend after Epiphany myself. After all, that’s the twelfth night of Christmas. It’s kind of a tradition.

Since that was part of my many plans for the day, I gathered up the energy to dig out the boxes and start tearing down the lights and the tree, the Christmas village that I never got around to writing about, the stockings and the little Christmas knick-knacks I have collected over the years. I put back up the family photos and pictures that were packed away since the day after Thanksgiving.

I laughed as my big burly black cat investigated the empty spaces in the closet where the boxes live almost all year long. I had to yell at him as he tried to steal the tree ornaments to play with them and smiled as he climbed into boxes and sad on lids. He was very concerned when he saw me take down the tree, since it is one of his most favorite things in the world.

Below is one of the photos I posted to my Instagram about him…..

My place feels bigger without the tree and the decorations, but it also feels more empty. There’s less joy and light. There’s less festivity. But it’s time. I need the space for other things. The Christmas season has ended, for now…. But it will be back.

I also went to a memorial service today. Once upon a time, I was close friends with the family from which this person had died, but alas, life sometimes gets in the way. Things happen. Friendships die out. But my husband and I felt paying our respects was the correct thing to do. After all, she did help us out when were were struggling.

We kept our distance, since well, we are still living in a pandemic and are still recovering ourselves from our recent illness, but we made our presence known.

During the message from the pastor, it was pointed out that this person loved Christmas and the decorations for Christmas so much that her family asked the pastor of the church to leave them up through her memorial service. So they stayed. But now, just like mine did this morning, the ones in the church will come down too.

After all, it’s the end of the holiday season.

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One thought on “The end of a season

  1. I must admit, the coziness of the Christmas tree and decos make it hard for me to take down and put away. I am still listening to my favorite Christmas music and watching Christmas movies. Maybe next weekend🎄😊


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