It was a humid spring morning, the air still holding a great deal of moisture from the storms that had rolled through the night before. There were clouds on the horizon, ones that threatened to bring rain.

But I was outside nevertheless.

I had gotten new hiking shoes a few day prior and wanted to try them out. So, coated in sunscreen and bug spray, I walked over a mile on the trails around Dale Maffitt Reservoir in Warren County, Iowa.

I could have done other things with my time. I had some chores that still need to be done thoroughly. I have the first round of edits to finish on Heirs to the Realm, the next book in my Portals Series. I had stuff that needs to be done that I keep putting off. But instead, I went outside to renew my soul and spend some time just being.

Too many times we put stock in how productive we can be. We are always pushing to get things done, to be better, to do better. The culture harps on taking things easy and slow. They look down upon rest as if it is something bad and fill their days with activities and their nights with even more. I know people who pride themselves on getting only a few hours of sleep per night. I know people who are proud of the fact that they are seemingly and constantly just one step away from burn out.

While it seems to suit them just fine, I can’t seem to do that.

I relish my quiet time. The time spent just letting my soul soak in the songs of birds and the fresh air nourishes that creativity within me. The time spent letting my new shoes and my jeans both get caked with mud as I walk through narrow trails and alongside the reservoir fills my battery again. And while I know these moments are not everyone’s cup of unsweetened tea, they are mine.

muddy purple hiking shoes and jeans with the hems caked in mud
The blogger’s new shoes and jeans, caked in mud from her hike

Do whatever brings you joy to unwind. Find whatever you love to help you relax. be at peace with yourself in whatever way you can. And have hope that you will restore that soul.

So dear readers, whether your way to relax and fill your social battery is to unwind sitting outside in nature, a battle royale on the latest video game, binge watching a television show, or whatever else you choose, don’t let others make you feel like your unproductiveness is something bad. Be you. Do you. Rest. Relax. Unwind. Renew.

It’s part of the magic of the stories we write every day.

Keep it that way.

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3 thoughts on “Renew

  1. “Be you. Do you. Rest. Relax. Renew.” LOVE, love, love this line, and the entire post. Sounds like a magical place you found to renew yourself. πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž Thanks for the reminder to take a moment to fill my cup πŸ’ž

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