Nature sings

As I type this on a Sunday April afternoon, listening to harp music by Kristan Toczko on Spotify, snow is falling outside my front room window. For awhile, my big black cat Inigo was watching it fall in between his more covert observances of the birds at the feeder outside the other window, though now he naps beside me in the cat bed on my computer desk, dreaming of warmer moments when he is allowed to go outdoors on his harness. Though it has been spring here in my little swath of the Midwest for over a month, the snow that harkens from the previous season still is here. At least it is not sticking, though the high winds blow as the sun occasionally almost filters fully through the snow clouds.

Creation is singing.

Earth Day is this coming Saturday, which also is the day the other half celebrates a half-century of years traversing the sun. It is a day to celebrate the Earth and environmental protections. It is a day to remind each one of us that we are called to help sustain and protect this wonderful, magical world. It is a day to celebrate all creation.

After all, creation is around us, showing us the circle of life that even we humans must abide by. Though we are called to be the custodians of nature, we will never be able to bend Mother Nature to our will. She is far too powerful for the likes of us, proving her might in the natural disasters that loom around us.

As another writer friend penned in his book after one ice storm knocked out part of the juvenile orchard on his budding farm:

“Nature was convening one more class session on the lesson that our human role is often less about planning and shaping and guiding along, and more about how to pick up the pieces and go on……. Nature had taught me when to prepare, and when to repair.”

~ Timothy Cap Diebel, “Home By Another Way: Harvesting Taproot’s Wisdom

Nature does indeed teach us when we need to prepare and when we must repair.

But nature teaches us other things as well. Science suggests that being near a body of water can help calm one’s mood and make one happier . A hawk, eagle or even buzzard circling on the winds searching for their next meal remind us of life’s fragility. The unfolding petals of a flower bud or the vividly fresh greens of a tree demonstrate that without the dormancy and death of winter, new life is not as special nor will it come. A sunrise or sunset is vividly beautiful and yet every day, slightly different due to the placement of the Earth on its rotation and the clouds that trek across the sky, reminding us that each day is distinct. A breeze brings cooling power on a hot summer day and carries seeds to their rooting places, yet wind can also be devastatingly catastrophic. Colonies of insects and various groups of animals work together to ensure the whole unit thrives, promoting collaboration and teamwork. Every living thing has a place and a purpose, even we humans, no matter how small and mundane.

There’s no wonder I’ve embodied it in my Portals Series stories in the character of Lady Eathelin, the Bearer of Nature.

There is magic there. This is perfection, even if it seems imperfect. After all, it was set in motion long ago, by whatever means one believes set it in motion. And Nature continues to sing. Joyfully. Hopefully. Peacefully. Lovingly. And yes, even sometimes destructively.

Sometimes, it just takes us a moment to recognize it.

Stay magical.

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2 thoughts on “Nature sings

  1. Nature likes to remind us occasionally how small we are. Yet the beauty in it and the lessons from it are all around us, if we only have the eyes and ears to hear. You gave us a snapshot of it so wonderfully written, and even though I have not finished all the stories in your Portals series, I love the embodiment of nature I’ve read in them so far. 💞💞💞

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