From tragedy…. hope

Last week, I wrote a blog post about how my community was blindsided by a heinous and seemingly senseless tragedy. I’m not going to get into the details because I am aware that they can trigger some of my readers, but if you are truly curious, here is one of the news links. The story that surrounds that calamity is still unfolding.

Some of the whys though will never be answered, nor will some find closure. The pain and sorrow from this tragic event will ripple for years to come. Lives have now been ruined and so much unmet potential will remain callously unfulfilled.

Even though tragedy befalls us, hope is there in the making. We have the power to be optimistic for better days and brighter stories. We hold the magic to make this world a better place for others. Perhaps, hearing the story (and the ongoing news reports and discussions) will keep another from making the same devastating choice.

Sometimes, it takes a tragedy to make a change. It takes the vicissitudes of the world to bring light to a problem. Nevertheless, like the phoenix, hope rises from the ashes of the cataclysm. It sticks around, like it did when Pandora opened her box of evils. It springs eternal, renewing itself in the face of darkness.

The way I see it, we have two options when it comes to dealing with tragedies. We can choose to keep our eyes down, minding only our own business and living life for ourselves. Or we can stand up and try to do our best to lessen the blow for others, helping them in their times of need and averting future misfortune. Even when we are blindsided by the devastation, we can roll up our sleeves and learn to rise from the ashes, keeping hope within us alive and the magic within our stories to flourish.

May we persist in trying to change the tragedies of this world and right the injustices and wrongdoings within.

May we take the trials and tribulations that surround us and bring forth love, joy, peace and even hope as answers to them.

May we become the beacons that shine bright in the darkness, even when the world feels like it is crumbling around us.

From tragedy comes hope.

Stay magical, friends.

Write your own story.

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