In the Bleak Midwinter

After a full month, those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere have entered into the midst of the season called winter. The bleakness of this season has settled upon us. And even though I did indeed write a post just two weeks ago titled “January doesn’t stink,” there is some melancholic bitterness to the cold. Snow has fallen. In some places, snow has fallen upon snow upon snow upon even more snow.

For some, there is uncertainty. The lights have come down and the cold and dark is bleak. Some have experienced loss, whether it is loss of family or friends, loss of relationships, loss of sense of self, loss of trust and faith. They struggle in the darkness to find the hope, peace, joy and love of the Advent season.

But the days, while still shorter than the night, are growing longer. Each dawn comes a fraction earlier than the last. Each dusk arrives a bit later than its predecessor. The wheel of life keeps turning, advancing us a step closer to when the light outshines the darkness in the days of the season.

Whether you are standing on high ground, deep in the pits of despair, or somewhere in between in this bleak midwinter, remember this: the sun will continue to shine on you nevertheless. The story of life will continue to be penned. This may be a chapter of loss and woe for you. It may be a chapter full of happiness and gain. But remember that it is just merely a small chapter in your own story. There will be dark days. There will be days of sunshine. The trick is to keep finding the magic so that you can keep writing your own story.

Stay magical.

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3 thoughts on “In the Bleak Midwinter

  1. I was so excited on Monday when I came home from work and it wasn’t pitch dark on the drive! Even though the snow fell lightly all day, I have hope that spring is on its way….💞


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