January doesn’t stink

A local car salesman in my little swath of the Midwest has an advertisement I have been listening to on the radio a great deal going to and from work, since it plays almost ad nauseum. “January stinks!” is the punchline of the ad, indicating the slowness of sales in the post-holiday rush.

Well, Mr. Car Salesman Joe, I beg to differ with you. Winter can be quite beautiful, as can January if one knows where to look. And this past week, there were a great many places to see the beautiful weather that both winter and January have to offer.

On Sunday morning, as I was getting ready for a busy day on what normally is a laid-back day of the week, I noticed that fog had rolled in. It had covered everything in a blanket of nothingness, cool and a bit foreboding. It reminded me of what I had imagined the In-Between of Realms to look like in both my novel Portal Seeker and my novella The Seeker’s Protector. In both stories, there is a vast blanket of white, though the mood in each story is a bit different. But of course, if you want to know more about that, you need to read my stories.

After the fog rolled out, everything was frosted in white, creating a veritable winter wonderland. Trees glistened, bringing to mind the lyrics from the song “White Christmas.” Eventually though, the sun’s rays burned off most of the frost, causing the magic to come to an end. But the inspiration was there nevertheless.

My Instagram has photos, of course.

Even sunrises and sunsets seem a bit brighter and more magical in this season. Because deciduous trees in my little swath of the Midwest are naked for the winter, there seems to be more space to view the beautiful plethora of colors that amaze the eyes. Because the days are also shorter, there are more opportunities to view sunrises. Lately, I often find myself gazing through the eastward windows of my workplace, catching glimpses of the shades of magentas, oranges, periwinkles, yellows and so own that fill the morning sky as the sunrises after I come to work. There’s moments of wonder and amazement mixed in with the bursts of productivity I am expected to do. But those brief moments have been something. Sunsets too are spectacular. One the other night was so pretty several local friends had posted pictures and videos. One even posted a video her father had sent her as a text in which deer frolicked in the yard, illuminated by the majesty of the setting sun.

Even snow and ice, though sometimes dangerous for me because of the slips and falls, can be quite beautiful. I love the way crystals form as frost and ice cover things. Snow turns a drab landscape into a land of mesmerizing wonderment. There are innumerable things to experience with one’s senses too. The crunch of the snow and the hush of the wind as it bites through the layers of clothing never ceases to amaze me. The air is crisp and often breathtaking, which is much preferable to the oppressive swelter of a humid summer, at least for me.

Yes, winter is cold. Sometimes it is so cold it is deadly. And when it’s that cold, it is hard to find the moments that are magical. But as a whole, I prefer winter to summer and always have. So to me, January is a magical time to be alive. It’s a chapter in my story I enjoy to experience. And it doesn’t stink, like a certain Joe declares.

Stay magical, everyone!

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