Snail mail

Last week, I posted about how I do something I do think is not that extraordinary, but others seem to think it is. I mail cards out to people. And when I say I mail cards out, I mean I mail A LOT of cards out. But you can read it by clicking here –> Glad Tidings

But I don’t only like sending out cards. I like receiving them too. And sometimes, part of the benefits I reap from doing the project I have been doing is that I also receive mail in return from others who want to pass along the “glad tidings” to me too. For example, there were many holiday cards the other half and I received in return (and even a misconceived idea we weren’t together anymore, but that’s a story for another blog post). I displayed them on the garland over our entry way closet door. There were so many that I could not fit them into one photo, so hopefully this collage gives you the idea:

Photo collage of four different pictures of various angles of holiday cards decorating two different garlands over a closet door
Holidays Cards 2022 – K. S. Wood

Despite thinking that my own task of writing to others as nothing out of the ordinary, I find myself ecstatic when others also send cards and notes back to me. The thrill of opening my mail box and finding something someone else took the time to send me never gets old. And I rarely throw cards away. I collect them and keep them for years and years. Sometimes, if I have too many from one particular person or another, I’ll keep my handful of favorites and recycle or trash the others. But I rarely discard anything written to me.

Just ask the other half…. I still have all his love letters when we were a long distance couple.

In this post holiday time (oh hey, another blog post subject!) though, the many cards have come down. Though most of my decorations will remain up until probably next Saturday, the Christmas card garland came down to Tuesday, since they had fallen a great deal (one of the problems with having it over the coat closet!) and we finally got tired of fixing it. While the cards have been packed up, the sentiments behind them still remain. The well wishes and glad tidings still warm my heart. And they will continue to do so for years to come, each and every time I sort through them, sifting them into memories of yesteryear.

For that is part of the magic. It becomes the magic of inspiration that continues to guide me and push me onward. It is part of the story I write.

Stay magical, friends.

Enjoy the moments.

Write your own story.

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6 thoughts on “Snail mail

  1. It’s amazing how much power there is in a card or note to someone. This Christmas I discovered and got involved in the Angel Card Project. I’ve enjoyed seeing the responses from recipients on how much joy it brought them and helped many of them feel less alone. What a wonderful thing you are doing, and I’m glad you are getting some of your cup filled through the mail as well. 💞💞💞

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