Post Holiday

Unlike a number of my friends (if social media posts are any indication), I still have my holiday decorations up and will continue to keep them up until Epiphany on the 6th. That means, in reality, they will likely be up until the 11th, when I have a Saturday off from work and can pack them away in their boxes in the closet until next Thanksgiving, when they will return to create their hopeful, peaceful, loving joy once more.

I’m already not looking forward to it, though I know it must be done. I need the space for other things throughout the year, so the holiday cheer must come down. The lights will be packed up. The tree and its ornaments will be put into boxes and shoved away. The Christmas village which inspired a story will be replaced by framed photos of loved ones. And the room will be a little less brighter and little less cheery as a result.

I always have a bit of sadness when I take the holidays down. After all, it is still winter and though it is inching closer every day to spring and the equinox, the days are still shorter than the nights. The cheeriness of the Christmas decorations combat the darkness and the seasonal sadness I usually feel. While the other half and I leave one strand of white lights up year round to help light up the night and the early mornings, they are, in reality, a bit monochromatic. They don’t sing like the colored strands do. But that’s okay. It is the end of a season. And since brighter days are upon us, there will be other seasons, ones that are just as magical and part of the story I am writing.

It is the way of Nature, even if she is a fickle thing. (If you don’t get that reference, you may need to read my Portals Series!). It is part of this cycle of life. It is just as magical to put everything away in its proper place as it is to pull it out.

Stay magical, my dear friends.

Continue to write your own story.

I do.

This is post 1 of 13 for the Name Your Number Writing Challenge I am partaking in this month.

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5 thoughts on “Post Holiday

  1. Just had this same conversation with a co-worker the other day…neither of us are in a hurry to take ours down…but I too need the space back. Last year I missed them so much I found some small lit decorations (not seasonal/holiday) used to help fill the void. It helped tremendously 💞💞💞


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