National Novel Writing Month

As if I didn’t have enough on my plate as it was – after all, I am in the middle of getting editing on Luna, writing two more novellas for the Portals Series, and working hard at keeping my page view streak going on a few things while working a full time job and having a semblance of a normal life – I decided to add the National Novel Writing Month challenge once again to November.

What is that, some of you are asking? National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short, is a creative writing event challenge in which participants around the world write a novel that is at least 50,000 words long in the month of November. Obviously, these novels are very rough first drafts, in which participants are encouraged to just MEET the words, not have a quality to their writing.

I participated last year, writing a fictionalized memoir of my high school years that is titled The Year of the Winding Road. I ended up with just over 63 thousand words in the document, winning the challenge and netting bragging rights. Eventually I would love to get that story published as well. Just seeing how the stories in my series play out first.

This year, I am dusting off a story I began to write and pushed aside. This one currently has no title, but is an urban fantasy set in a modern day metropolis and features magicals working along with non-magicals. But I am not giving any other details, aside from the fact that any word count updates I make to NaNoWriMo starting tomorrow must be done after I subtract the 9500 words ALREADY typed in the document.

I shall see if I can focus on all the balls in my court long enough to get it all done.

So dear readers, I ask you – are any of you taking on a challenge this year as well?

Stay magical. Write your own stories.

I do every day.

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And as always, #writeyourownstory

2 thoughts on “National Novel Writing Month

  1. Looking forward to watching your adventures with NaNo! I would love to participate, but have to stick with just the NaNo camps for now. Working retail, November is in the thick of our craziest time of the year, plus our store has 3 huge event days within the span of the week that we are crazy prepping for. For the sake of my remaining brain cells and shreds of patience, I don’t feel trying to complete NaNo is in my best interest, no matter how much I’d love to join. Some day….but in the mean time I’ll be cheering you on!


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