Be the Daylight

When I have time to, I tend to listen to certain songs over and over again. I often do it at home on one of my computers with my headphones on so as to not annoy the other half with the constant repeats. Of course, when he is not home, I am blaring the music through some sort of speakers in our little abode.

I’m not entirely sure why I feel almost compelled to listen to songs over and over again, but I can tell you it’s usually because certain lyrics or beats or whatever just seem to resonate with me at the time I am listening to them. Sometimes, it’s because they inspire me to write stories or scenes in stories. So until I get the story out, I have to listen to the song over and over again.

Lately, the song on constant repeat is “Daylight” by Shinedown, which if you haven’t heard it, I’m including the YouTube video the band created below. It’s from their latest album. It’s great and well…. just have a listen.

I will say I am kind of a late to the game fan when it comes to some artists. I have only recently discovered the band, as they weren’t something I would have listened to when I was younger. But I have come to appreciate the band and the genre of music in which they usually play. This song, along with others, has a permanent place in my playlists when I am writing. I have listened to this song over and over again while editing the next two stories in my Portals Series and while journaling or writing posts or Instagram blurbs like yesterday’s.

That being said, I must get on with the story I am about to write…. the lyrics inspired me to write a blog post, of course.

“You saved my life…. Make it all alright….. When I don’t feel like talking….You make sure I always see the daylight.”

~ Shinedown

The past few years have been crazy for everyone. Times have been hard. The pandemic, while showing signs of slowing, is still ongoing in the world. We’ve had some rocky politics, inflation, and a great deal of violence reported. There have been a number of people experiencing personal issues like job loss, death, health problems and marital woes. Then there’s even just the daily struggles of life that must be attended to. Sometimes, life can be overwhelming.

We all need a bit of help from time to time. We also need to be the one to make sure others have light in their world, if we are able.

Who knows what may entail. It could just be stepping in when a neighbor needs help. It could look like learning a new language to communicate with those who have trouble understanding English or who may not understand any spoken language. It could be typing a text, composing an email, sending a card or doing a welfare check on friends you haven’t heard from in awhile. It could be welcoming someone who may be different to have a meal with you and find where the commonalities start.

In a world full of turmoil, be the daylight someone needs. Be love where there is hate. Be accepting where there is divisiveness. Be understanding where there is ignorance. Be help where there is hurting. Be joy where there is sadness. Be faith where there is doubt. Be hope when all seems lost. Find the magic that helps you help others to continue to write the stories of their lives while you continue to write your own.

And if you are in the stormy times….

“Have faith that you’re not alone. Have faith that you’re not on your own.”

~ Shinedown

If you are in that stormy place, let me know!! And if ever anyone ever needs a pick me up, whether it be a text, a card mailed, an email, etc…. hit me up via one of my social medias or email. I have no problem checking in on friends and readers as needed.

**Also, for the record, another great song on Shinedown’s new album Planet Zero (though all of the songs are good) is “Hope.” If you haven’t heard that either, find a streaming service playing it and check it out.**

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2 thoughts on “Be the Daylight

  1. What a beautiful post, Kelley! My new students and I had a wonderful conversation (ice breaker) about music on Friday. All of them, in three out of five classes said that they’d rather live without TV than music. One kid said, “Music is life!” I had to agree.
    I can listen to “I Will Always Love You” over and over. Especially when I’m feeling like I’ll never find love again. My new favorite to repeat is an old favorite of mine from the ‘80’s – Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill.”
    I’m loving your blogs, Kiddo! I might not respond to all, but I’m reading them when I can. 💜🦋💜


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