Newest Novella Released

If you already follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you already have seen this, but for my readers / followers on WordPress who haven’t heard yet, the next novella in my Portals Series has been released on Amazon Kindle. This is currently the final novella in the series, as there are two novels in various stages of editing as well.

Note: This is the second of my novellas offered for $1.99. The others are currently $.99 but will be getting a price increase in the future. So act fast if you want the e-books for a deal!

As with all my novellas, I will be editing them into one or two paperback anthologies, hopefully by the end of September 2022.

The realm of Ironwood has always been a dark and brutal place to live since the rule of Fenulf Vanguard began. Blessed with a long life and many children, the Vanguard seeks to subjugate all magic in his realm by controlling his heirs, though a prophecy written when Ironwood began worries him, for it warns of impending doom for the tyrant ruler.

Sigsten, the youngest of the Vanguard’s children and half Dryad, knows of the prophecy and the fear of his father. Nevertheless, he continues to plod through his life in the lowliest of positions a Vanguard heir could have, rejected by his maternal natural side for being half-darkness. But even as a goat herdsman, he knows one day his father will have to face the prophecy. When a mysterious stranger appears one day, struck by amnesia and utterly helpless, Sigsten knows he must protect the man from his father’s wrath. He doesn’t realize that in doing so, he will throw away everything he ever knew. Can he, who is born of tree and of iron, do what he was destined to do?

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