Be Bold

The dictionary defines boldness as the willingness to take risks and act with confidence and/or courage. Some of the synonyms of this word include temerity, audacity, fortitude and swashbuckling. It means to act without hesitation. It means to take action.

It is a word I don’t really reflect upon often.

I write often of characters in my Portals Series that are bold. After all, without boldness, Manda would not find out about her past. Without temerity, the Necromancer would not be able conquer other portals. Without courage, the Portal Seeker could not gain knowledge and learn the magics of the realms he helps.

And yet, I find I am not bold myself.

I feel like I have spent a great deal of my life being told to sit down and shut up, so I have learned to act from that apprehensiveness sometimes. I am often intimidated by things and by people. I am introverted, seeking solitude instead of the more daring adventures of extroverted people. I often doubt my abilities and even my own decision making. I question everything I do. I am often anxious.

I see others who speak with conviction on topics and think…. “I could never do that….”

But what if I had the temerity to do so? What if we all did?

What if we could be bold and learn to love everyone, despite the differences of opinion? What if we could learn to speak with conviction about what we believe to be true but yet go with the understanding that not everyone HAS to believe in exactly the same thing? What if we were to accept everyone and love everyone, no matter who or what they are or what walk of life they come from?

Today, at fellowship after church, I watched as one of the littlest of our church members ran from person to person, saying hello to anyone and everyone. Four different times, this little one, just graduated from preschool, came up to give me a hug, showering me with love as in the same manner she showered love on everyone. She was bold in her loving. She went forth with confidence and audaciousness to give everyone attention. She acted out of conviction and it humbled me because I do not have that kind of courage.

Or do I?

We often fixate on what divides us in this world. We fall into this “us versus them” mindset. What if we could find a common ground to tread? What if, instead of fighting about who is better, we are dauntless in our efforts to unify ourselves again? What if we were bold enough, brave enough, confident enough to reach out and tell our stories with conviction and listened when others shared theirs?

So I challenge you, readers, to be bold. Find the magic that it takes to act with conviction and love. Write your story that generations to come may be more loving, more compassionate, more empathetic. Learn to be brave, to have courage, to make a difference.

I know I am going to try.

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4 thoughts on “Be Bold

  1. The littlest recent preschool graduate has so many fears. The fear of being alone or left, the fear of noises, of doctors and dentists to name a few. A friendly face and voice at church… and at the store are giving her the confidence to be bold in her loving. Thank you!


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