I’ve been published…. again!!

I follow a number of blogs on Word Press…. many of them written by people who follow me. So it’s a mutual kind of relationship.

Back in March, one of the bloggers I follow, illustrator Andrea Benko, posted an idea she had. She wanted to create a book of her illustrations. Since writing wasn’t her forte, she was asking her readers if they knew anyone who wanted to take some of her illustrations and create something original with them for her book.

I was intrigued by this idea and went hunting through the illustrations she had posted, which are adorable if you have a chance to browse! Soon, I came across one that I absolutely loved, so I quickly penned a little story called “Little Owl’s Story” and sent it to her.

Andrea loved the story. With a few edits and a second illustration, she included it in the anthology she was working on.

This past week, the final touches were completed and the book, Creative Gems, was released for publication on Amazon. Below is the link for the United States version. Check out Andrea’s blog post for other countries’ points of sale.

I was honored to have been able to partake in this journey and am thinking about looking through her illustrations again to see if I can be inspired to create a second story for her next volume.

It’s collaborations like this that make me feel like there is still hope for this world after all. We keep writing the stories and finding the magic. After all, that’s all we can do!

If you liked this blog post and wanted to see some of the fantasy works I have written, check out my Portals Series.

If you are interested in my other online endeavors, check out the drop down menu to see more.

And as always, #writeyourownstory

One thought on “I’ve been published…. again!!

  1. I was thrilled to be part of this project too! I loved your owl story. There is something in the book for children of all ages and for those who are young at heart! Andrea’s illustrations are such a joy. Well done on being published again! Lynn

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