Just Be

Today I was able to get outside and do some writing out under my favorite tree at my favorite little park. I was able to just sit and be. And of course, let my mind wander and compose words, sentences, whole paragraphs even without trying to bend it to any will.

It’s the be-ing part that always amazes me. With my crazy schedule, I don’t always have time to just sit and be. Sometimes, when I do, especially in the past few seasons, the outdoors don’t cooperate. Today, it seemed the stars aligned. Today, I found the time and the place to just take a few moments to breathe in and out and be.

“I’ve long since stopped feeling guilty about taking the time to be; it’s something we all need for our spiritual health, and often we don’t take enough of it.”

Madeleine L’Engle, “Cosmos from Chaos” from her collection “Walking on Water: Reflections on Faith and Art”

I sat beneath my favorite tree, listening to the Sunday afternoon sounds of the small city in which I live in this swath of the Midwest. There were kids playing on the local playground, their peals of laughter and clamors of joy echoing and dying off in the gusts of wind that carried them forth and pushed them back. Vehicles could be heard accelerating and decelerating on the city streets, creating a constant wave of sound as they drove by. Somewhere, a lawn mower was already cutting the new grasses that have just emerged, their green still peeking out amongst the detritus of winter. Occasionally an airplane could be heard, since I live in a flight path for the biggest airport in the state. Birds also sang in a symphony of music as they build their nests and hunt for food and call for mates.

Spring is in the air, even if it’s still a bit on the chilly side.

Of course, there was the ever present wind, a seemingly endless constant right now. Yesterday it was barely a breeze, being still and calm. Today, it gusted once more, roaring at times in my ears and ultimately, causing my time outside to come to a close as I was beginning to feel chilled.

Plus, my watch reminded me it was dying and needed to charge.

The clouds, scarce in the sky just yesterday as well, were also back again. The somber monochromatic waves of gray floated on the blowing gales, the colors not entirely dreary as they had been earlier this week when they brought rain. Occasionally, the sun did make an appearance, its ray piercing majestically through the blanket of mist. Its luminescence reminded me once again of its power, though it has been hidden from view for a good portion of the week.

I may use the thoughts I composed in a story. After all, the latest novella that I am composing for my Portals Series takes place in early spring.

Alas, my time to just be, like all sentences in the story I call life, had to come to a close. The aforementioned wind caused me to need to seek shelter. The laundry also needed to be done, as well as other chores that I have to find time for in the busyness of my week.

But I enjoyed the time that I had, the whole hour of it. After all, it’s part of the story I continue to write. I found the magic too. And that’s what matters.

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And as always, #writeyourownstory

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