The Constantly Changing, Mood Inducing, Sometimes Bizarre Weather

It’s been officially Spring in my little swath of the Midwest for the past couple of weeks, though sometimes, some days, it doesn’t feel like it.

There are days when it’s beautiful and warm. I’ve posted a few of those beautiful days on my Instagram, documenting the beauty and the magic of the warm spring days with the birds happily singing from their perches and the warm breezes blowing. But then, lately more often than not, there are days when snow is once again inevitable and people grumble about the four letter word and having put the snow blower away. There are the days in-between as well, where the wind chills one’s bones but the green still seems to push through.

The last few days have started out beautiful. Like yesterday, there was a beautiful sunrise today (like the one I documented yesterday below), but the forecast calls for clouds though none can be seen in the sky from my front room window just yet. Yesterday, the clouds brought rain. Who knows what today will bring.

Like it does every season, the constant changing weather inspires me to put pen to paper. This is a working passage from the latest novella in The Portals Series I am writing, tentatively titled Luna:

“It was a cloudy day, chilly and dreary.  It was the kind of early spring day that threatened precipitation of either snow or rain, often both.  Even so, the birds happily chirped from their unseen perches in the evergreen trees, though some were visible on the naked branches of the budding maples, oaks and elms.  The grass was just starting to sprout green beneath the brown detritus of winter, nourished by the recent rain and snow mix and the earlier warmer temperatures.  The air was still brisk, though there was a dampness that came not from the dryness of winter but the warmth of spring.”

Sometimes though, this season of every changing weather does wear on me, even as I try to not let it. There are days I feel unmotivated to do anything at all and I have to push through the feeling to even get dressed to go on with my day. While I can, on my days off, allow myself those feelings, I do work full time as well and must go to work. I could call in, but others are counting on me and I can’t let them down. Besides, I’d spend the day feeling guilty if I did.

But I press on, just like we all do. I try to find reasons to write, even when my brain says no. I try to find the magic in the day, whether it’s something a customer might do to help someone else out or the way a cloud tracks across the sky and looks like a wave. It could even be the comment a co-worker makes that causes another to double over with peals of true belly laughter.

Even on the worst of days, I try to find something to smile about. But that’s the eternal optimist coming out in me, the one who always find the silver lining in the clouds, even when they affect my moods to the point of demotivation. It’s what keeps me going even in the hard times and the crazy weather of beautiful mornings and cloudy afternoons.

After all, I am ever hopeful of brighter days. I am always trying to write my own story as I write the stories of the Portal Seeker and those he comes in contact with in his adventures. I am always trying to find the magic in the mundane, the patch of blue in the cloudy sky, the moment of clarity in the storm. It’s what I constantly do, even when I don’t feel like getting out of bed and getting dressed for work. Not because others expect it from me, but because I expect it for myself.

Stay Magical, readers. Keep writing those stories!

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And as always, #writeyourownstory

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