Wondrous outside

My Midwestern state of Iowa is expected to have some beautiful temperatures the next few days, and has had glorious sunshine the past two beautiful days. Yesterday, the husband and I went on a small walk around downtown Des Moines, enjoying fresh air that wasn’t breathtakingly chilly.

I am currently outside as I type this, sitting in my camp chair on the patio of my building, typing this on my Chromebook as music plays on my headphones, so that I don’t disturb my neighbors who have their windows wide open. I am not soaking up rays from the sun, since the patio faces east, but I am enjoying the beautiful weather nevertheless.

We often take for granted being outside in nicer weather and long for it when there is a chill in the air. It’s a wondrous thing to open the windows and allow the fresh air in, especially on the final day of February. It’s an even more wonderful thing to sit outside in the late afternoon in just a hooded sweatshirt and jeans and type a blog post.

I crave being outside when I am not able to be, such as when it’s sub-zero temperatures or precipitation, or when I am at work and have to stay at my position all day (not that I mind…. I got to watch the sunshine in all of its glory). I still crave it when I come home, hence the sitting outside despite the slight chill in the air as the sun begins its descent into slumber for the day.

I know these days still are a bit few and far between, though they are becoming more and more frequent nevertheless. Colder weather is forecast to come in the next week, since winter has not yet had its last hurrah. But for now, I can enjoy. I can be present in this moment. I can relish the outside.

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And as always, #writeyourownstory

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