Snowy, Windy Cold

Today was one of those days that remind us that winter is on the horizon. It was a snowy, windy fall day where the wind chill made it feel even colder.

We Iowans have been spoiled with warmer than normal weather for November. This past weekend in particular was a beautiful weekend with glorious sunshine and perfectly comfortable and above average temperatures. Even yesterday was beautiful and sunshiny.

One of my coworkers at my full time job made the comment that he wished that everyday could be as sunny and as warm as yesterday was

But if it were always so sunny and warm as yesterday, we would take that beautiful weather for granted. It would not be special, like yesterday was.  Mother Nature loves to surprise us sometimes. After all, she is finicky like that.

We need the cloudy and cold days like today. We need to find the beauty in the cold and the wind and the clouds like we do in the sunshine and the warmth. There is a certain grace in the flurries of a snowstorm, just as there is a ferocious wonderment to the biting wind.

Besides, life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Any writer of stories will tell you that. We can’t always have only the “good days”…. and if we focus long enough, even the cold snowy days and the blah rainy days have a beauty all of their own.

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