Road Trips: Part Deux

My last blog post dealt with some of my musings from the road trip my husband and I just completed. This post deals with the other half of those musings. Unlike other trips to the Windy City where we stayed with some of the members of the other half’s family, since we had the funds […]

Road trips

Road trips are a beacon of summer.  Mention a road trip to an American and one is instantly transported to miles and miles of connecting interstates and roadways, where at any moment any number of cars are traveling.  Who knows what cars one might see on the road trip too.  There are infinitesimal numbers of […]


Some in my innermost circle know I have an often tenuous relationship with certain members of my family. I don’t go into details about it on public forums, but I share privately about some of the struggles I have with those people. It’s a battle that sometimes is challenging mentally and physically for me to […]