Locked Doors and Closed Minds

A friend of mine recently shared a saying his great-grandfather used to always say. It sounds similar to the sayings of all great-grandfathers, but it went something like this:

“Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.”

~ Everett Taylor

Thomas was one of Jesus’ disciples, according to the accounts given in the Bible. I’ve always felt a bit sorry for him, because he’s forever known as the doubter, the one who can’t believe things until he sees them with his own eyes and touches them with his very hands. But Thomas is a part of every single person. He’s confused. He’s worried. He is afraid. He can’t believe the story is true because there have been a multitude of emotions running rampant in the week since everything seemed to go down.

And yes, it’s only been a week.

Thomas was standing behind a locked door. He had closed his mind to the story his friends were telling him. But, he also likely heard from his own great-grandfather that he should only believe half of what he saw and none of what he had heard. He wants to see precisely what they had seen. He wants to hear exactly what they had heard. He isn’t doubting, he’s being a realist.

It’s hard to believe in something you can’t see when you aren’t used to being open to it. The magic in the mundane. The light at the end of a tunnel. The silver lining in a cloud. The person standing in front of you who is supposed to be dead. None of it can seem real if you aren’t able to comprehend it. It’s difficult to understand if our vision is clouded by emotion or fear, doubts or events that make us shut down and lock our minds up. We hear stories, we give into closing down. We fear things. We are truly afraid.

Reminds me of the lyric from the viral song I discovered and ultimately wrote about in my last post:

Why’s everybody so afraid of what they’ve never seen?”

~ Corook with Olivia Barton “If I Were A Fish”

It takes a special kind of wonder to believe in things that can’t be seen.

Magic. A new life. In hope that this world can indeed become a better place. In that we can rise from whatever adversity we are in. Especially in a day and age where it seems the more we search for proof and truth, the more doubts we end up finding. So we close our minds and lock our doors, afraid to let the anything we can’t tangibly see in.

But what if we found something to believe in? What if we found faith in the magic that is around us once more? What if we imagined things and then tried to strive to make those things a reality. What if we opened minds and unlocked doors by speaking out and showing the world that magic is real, faith is inevitable, dreams can come true, and that we can truly have boundless hope, endless love, insatiable joy and peace that never ceases?

What if we stopped being afraid of that which we’ve never seen?

What if we learned to write the stories of our lives so that no matter what storms may fill the chapters, we can put aside our doubts and believe in that which is unseen even when we don’t fully comprehend?

What if?

Wouldn’t that be magical?

Stay magical, friends.

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5 thoughts on “Locked Doors and Closed Minds

  1. I know sometimes I’m afraid to get my hopes up, to find out that things aren’t true or real. I can relate to Thomas in this instance. Wonderful food for thought! πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž


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