Dance of Light

Story time!

Many who follow this blog know I write tales of portal fantasies, which I have published in e-book and paperback format and can be found HERE. But every so often, I also write little stories for fun and to expand my own writing ability. This was one of them, which was inspired by the instrumental song “Fireflies” by Michelle McLaughlin, available on her album, Luminous:

I wrote this story last night, amidst the winter storm warnings. Though it is still midwinter, my thoughts can conjure up summer as well. This was just a fun little practice.


The waning sunlight cast long shadows onto everything it reached as she ran across the lush grass, the high ponytail of brown locks bobbing with each step.  Her pale purple screen-printed character tee-shirt had chocolate ice cream stains mixed with grass and dirt and both skinned knees peeked out of the hand-me-down cutoff blue jean shorts.  Tears streamed down her face, causing two dirty trails amidst the dust on her cheeks.  But still she ran, reaching her hiding spot at the end of the neighboring yard.  There was a small opening in the hedges here, just large enough for the slight girl to slip through.  She ignored the way the branches scratched her as she wiggled underneath the bushes.  

She curled up into a ball, putting her face on her knees as she tried to quiet her breathing.  Her heart pounded in her chest as she took in a deep breath and another, listening as strenuously as she could to see if they had followed her.  She didn’t want them to find her so they could pull another cruel prank on her. She could hear them calling out.



“Come on, Elise!”

“You know we were only funning you.”

“Come on out!”

She heard footsteps moving towards her and held her breath, making herself as small as she could and hoping they would go away.  She watched through the leaves and branches as the tennis shoes of her elder brother appeared within view.  She hoped Bennett would not find her here.

His voice had a teasing, menacing note to it as he called out to her.

“Elise, come out.  Stop being a sissy!”

She scrunched her face up in a scowl but refused to move. She was tired of his teasing.  He had tormented her in front of his friends.

“You’re such a crybaby!  You can’t even take a joke!”

She balled up her fists but kept her arms wrapped firmly around her knees, hugging them tight against her as she took in a quiet breath.

“Fine. Have it your way, you big baby! Don’t you go telling Mom!”

The shoes walked out of view and she timidly took in a deep breath, hoping Bennett did not hear it.  She could hear his friends calling to him.

“Did you find her?”


“Think she went home?”


The voices began to get softer as the group moved away and Elise let out a sigh as another tear slipped down her cheek. Her shoulders shook as she sobbed again and she remained where she was, curled up in a ball and feeling miserable. She put her head on her knees again.

Out of the corner she saw it.  A flash of light, so small yet so captivating in the darkening vista.  Then another.  And another.  

Were they fairies, flying about?  Or were they stars having fallen to earth?  Aliens?  Wisps of the wind?  Angels gracing the skies?

Another lit up the sky and Elise watched as it danced in sort of an aerial ballet. 

What did it mean?

Another joined the light, then a third and fourth.  Soon, the sky was lit up with these beautiful glows, all pulsating at random, all floating in the air. 

Elise slowly crawled out from beneath the hedge and watched the display with an unobscured vision as the lights blinked and danced.  She wiped the tears away as her cheeks raised into a smile that radiated in her eyes. 

Gone was the angry torment of teasing done at the hands of her brother and his friends.  Gone was the worry and the sadness of feeling lonely without friends for the summer.  For a few moments, she watched the ballet of the fireflies in early summer.  As the wind whispered about her and the final strands of sunlight disappeared from the night sky, the magic of wonderment had taken hold of her, blessing her with a moment that would be etched in her mind forever.

But then she heard her mother calling from the back porch.

“Elise!  Time to come in!”

She turned towards home, still watching the last remnants of the choreography that played in her peripheral.  Wiping her face once more, she smiled and set out for home.

There would be other nights she could watch this dance.  Maybe, just maybe, one day she would participate in it as well.

Posted 16 February 2023 on this blog by K. S. Wood. Story written by K. S. Wood. All rights reserved

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3 thoughts on “Dance of Light

  1. Absolutely beautifully done…from heartbreak to joy and wonder! I could see this going in a fantasy direction if she gets invited to the dance…. 💞💞💞


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